YourPhone.exe is a Virus or Trojan?


If you have this ambiguity whether YourPhone.exe is a virus or Trojan, then we can solve this ambiguity of yours.

You might have seen and observed this YourPhone.exe process right in the zone of the task manager.

Most of the users are not aware of this concept.

Furthermore, they are still in this confusion zone whether to activate this program or disable it.

So, if you are eager and extremely curious to know about YourPhone.exe process, then have a look at the details.

We have penned down extensive and detailed information for our readers.

YourPhone.exe is a Virus or Trojan?

What is Yourphone.exe

It is for your information that YourPhone.exe is an important and critical part of Your Phone app. Moreover, it is preinstalled and there in Windows 10.

This program is already running in the background zone of your Windows. And you can disable it as well. On the other hand, the .exe extension present and displayed on a filename, it shows that this is an executable file.

It is observed that a few of the executable files may harm your computer system. And some of them are risk-free and not dangerous for your system.

But this YourPhone.exe program is trustworthy. This is the file that belonged and linked to the Windows operating system.

It comes from a trusted application.

More About YourPhone.exe

This is a piece of verified information that YourPhone.exe is an official Microsoft app.

It synchronizes your Windows 10 PC right with Android or iOS phones of yours.


In other words, we can say that it links and connects your phone and also PC. In this way, you can unlock a large number of cross-device experiences.

As an example, if you want to sync photos and any of the messages of yours across Windows 10 and Android, and also Apple devices, then you can use this YourPhone.exe app for sure. Moreover, make sure that you make use of the same and exact Microsoft account.

Your Microsoft account present on your phone and the account running on your Windows PC, it needs to be the same.

It is for this specific reason that YourPhone.exe keeps on running right in the background area of your systems.

So, if you want to receive and constantly get the notifications and updates on your Android or your iOS phone to desktop, then you can try out this app. And share your experience.

YourPhone.exe- Is it A Virus?

Now, here comes the important question of whether this program is a virus or not.

As already explained and penned down that this is an app.

This subjected program is launched and officially developed by Microsoft. In addition, this program is not at all malware. It comes with a legit process.


You do not have to keep this worry that this program will give any damage to your system. We have seen that there are a few of the malware and viruses that are named as YourPhone.exe.

This is the fraud or cheating that they are doing with the users. So, stay away from those viruses and malware.

If you suspect that any program named as YourPhone.exe is a virus or malware, then do not open it in any case.

To keep your system from such viruses and the presence of malware, what you can do is to install any of the anti-virus programs.

By doing so, your system will remain protected from such viruses and damaging situations.

What To Do If You Want To Disable YourPhone.exe?

Most importantly, if you want to disable this YourPhone.exe program running and operating in your system, then follow this guide.

Upon following and carefully implementing and using this guide, you can disable or temporarily deactivate this program from your system.


Furthermore, with the follow-up of this guide, this app will no longer run in your computer desktop stations.

Moreover, this guide related to disabling YourPhone.exe, it will no longer link your mobile phone and PC.

So, follow the below-mentioned steps if you wish to perform this job:

The first step is that you have to Right-click on the Windows Start menu. Then you have to choose and select Settings right from the menu.

Computer Virus

The second step is to select Privacy. You can reach to this option by accessing the Settings window.

Moving to the third step!

You have to located and look for the Background Apps. What you can do is to scroll down.

This way, you can find and trouble-free look for Your Phone app from the list that is provided and given in the Background apps option.

The last step is to toggle off and turn off the application for these Background apps.

This is all about the guide as to how to disable YourPhone.exe.

You can freely follow this guide if you no longer want to use YourPhone.exe.

The minute you will turn off the option, then this process will no longer be running in the background system of your computers and phones.

Method To Totally And Completely Remove YourPhone.exe From Windows 10

The next method is about removing YourPhone.exe app from your system. There is a specific method to do so.

If you think that disabling this program is no longer sufficient for you, then you can get rid of this program for good.


For that, follow the below-written steps and remove this app from your specific system.

Firstly, the user has to Right-click on the option of the Windows 10 Start menu. After that, select and hit on the option of Windows PowerShell (Administrator).

The second step is to type the specific command and hit on the Enter button.

It is right there in the Windows PowerShell window that you have to type this specific and following command.

The command is Get-AppxPackage Microsoft. YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage.

The moment you will run and type this command, then the process will be activated to remove YourPhone.exe from your windows.

We are sure that after running and carefully entering this command, Your Phone app is going to be completely removed and taken off from your PC.

Your Windows will no longer have this program running in the background.

Interesting Things To Know About YourPhone.exe

You must be surprised to know that this app has got immense and huge potential.

It is launched by Microsoft for Windows 10 users so that all of the Android and iPhone users may get in a position to synchronize and connect their devices with their personal computers.

In addition, this application possesses intense and great potential. However, it is still under development. Right now, it is not working up to expectations.

We hope that in the future, this application will be able to give is the desired amount of results.

At times, users experience and see some of the performance issues in their PC desktop stations.

For the reason that they prefer to delete, remove or disable this application from these systems.

So, if at any time you witness and observe performance issues in your PC because of this app, then remove it.

Using this application totally and wholly depends on what kind of phone you are using! You need to have an iPhone or Android phone to make use of this app.

Its best part is that it allows you to witness and get benefit from some of the cross-device experiences.

If you are using Android, then you can see all of the recent photos on your PC. Besides, you can view, see, and send text messages from your computer.

If you have got a PC that comes and connected with multiple user accounts, then do use this app over there. This one is a harmless app as it runs in the background.

It merely and hardly uses memory and does not bring any of the negative impacts on your PC system performance.

It is expected that the operations and functionality of this application will get improved in the coming soon time. Its purpose and function look great and amazing.

However, more efforts should be poured to make this app versatile and seamless to function.

Let us all see when more of the changes, revisions, and improvements will be made by Microsoft.

If any of you has already used this application, then you can convey to us your feedback.


After this thorough discussion, hopefully, all the readers have received a clear idea and concept on YourPhone.exe.

We have mentioned and penned down proper guides for our readers as to how to disable and also remove this program from your Windows PC.

Furthermore, if you have got a different opinion about this program, then feel free to share with us. The choice is up to you whether you want to keep it or not.

Moreover, this is a legit app. It is totally and completely built into Windows. It allows and let you connect and easily link your Phone with Windows.

This connection is made to Sync photos and any kind of messages.

If you have more of the questions on YourPhone.exe, then ask from us anytime. We are going to instantly answer your queries.

Keep on connecting with us, more of the interesting concepts and tech-related topics are coming sooner.


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