You’ll be shocked to know How Many Calories are in Grapes

how many calories in grapes

How many calories do grapes have? How many calories are in green grapes? How many calories are in grapes? If you are wondering and exciting to know about this fact, keep reading!

Grape Calorie Counts

Even in the healthiest of foods, dreaded calories are always present. So if you are on a diet or weight watching, keep calorie counting in mind the next time you snack on a bowl of grapes. So, how many calories are in a grape? Well, it depends on the type of grape. Take a look at some of the following calorie counts per grape.

  • calories in green grapesEuropean-type, green, seedless grapes have 3 calories
  • American slip-skin green grapes have 2 calories
  • Muscadine grapes have 3 calories
  • European-type, red, seedless grapes have 3 calories
  • American slip-skin red grapes have 2 calories

Based on this, the average calories in green grapes range between 2 to 3 calories. So, this leads to asking, are grapes fattening?

The Dieting Truth about Grapes

Even though the calorie numbers are low, you may still be wondering one thing. Are grapes fattening? It can be easy to lose count of how many grapes you eat. Eating 25 grapes alone can total between 50 to 75 calories. When you count calories, natural and raw foods can generally be skipped. Counting calories mainly concerns refined or processed foods. This is because natural or raw food calories are not “weight inducing”. In fact, they are natural fat burners, especially grapes!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, excess of everything is bad. Even natural calories can eventually contribute to weight gain. Also, consider what is eaten with the grapes. For example, one cup of grapes in an unhealthy syrup pack can count to over 200 calories while the calories of one cup of fresh grapes are only half of that when compared.

Nutritional Elements of Grapes

Now, we know how many calories are in grapes and that they are generally nonfattening. However, are grapes bad for you? Take a look at some nutritional pros and cons of grapes.

are grapes bad for youHealth Benefits

  • High fiber for aiding digestion
  • Vitamin mixture helps prevent diseases
  • Rich minerals
  • Promote good heart health
  • Prevent retina deterioration
  • Inhibit colon tumor growth genes

Health Concerns

  • Overconsumption increases carbohydrate intake
  • Large consumption of dry grapes can lead to indigestion
  • Undigested fructose leads to gas
  • Large quantities of fiber-rich grapes can cause stomach discomfort

Incredibly, grapes can provide another health benefit!

Naturally Cure Migraines

grape juice for migrainesHave you ever wanted to cure a migraine naturally without having to use medications? If you do, drink grape juice! The vitamins and antioxidants help relieve headaches, especially if the juice incorporates grape skin and seeds. A recent medical survey revealed that grape juice for migraines patients is the best thing. Also, B2 in grape juice help with liver functions that can contribute migraine development.

Decide if Grapes are Best for You

If you are still wondering how many calories are in grapes you are going to eat, remember to take grape type into consideration. Things like region, seeds, and more affect it. Generally speaking, grapes do not cause weight gain, as long as they are naturally and moderately eaten. They have both good and bad health effects.


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