What is the world’s toughest sport


Boxing – The Toughest Sport

Boxing is and most probably will be known as the toughest to have been played professionally. All those other combat sports like MMA and Muay Thai, sure do make a scene but don’t come near Boxing’s sheer ferociousness and brutality.

Boxing involves two opponents who try to strike each other with as many punches as possible, while they have leather gloves on. Boxing toughness isn’t just about punching though, you have two guys in a ring for 12 minutes whose job is to punch and defend themselves against their rivals’ attacks, and these two men have to constantly watch each other’s movement and footwork.

Each and every single decision has to be thought off twice because it could one single mistake and you could lose the entire match in an instant. That’s why boxing is known as the most challenging, physically and mentally. It requires your complete attention and response, so that you can land the perfect punch or duck it.

Mental Strain

Mentally, if you think about it, getting hit by someone with their full and complete power, is a pretty traumatizing thought. Every boxer no matter how good or bad he is will take a punch or two in a fight, taking the punches and still keep standing on your feet requires a lot of courage and belief. The mental strain and pressure in boxing is like no other sport, and that’s what makes boxing one of the toughest sport in the world.

Training and the Bringing Up of a Boxer

Toughness also comes into the fact of how much calories you burn in a boxing ring. It is estimated that a professional boxer inside the ring could burn up to 1000 calories per hour, just compare that to other sports such as football or basketball where you burn not more than 600 calories an hour. This just goes to show the intensity of the sport, where you can have the Cardio of a lifetime. Boxing is known to be such a rough sport is because of the bringing up of the boxer him/herself, the extreme training that goes into building even the most average of boxers is insane, and you need a lot of courage and confidence to carry yourself through this journey. So part of boxing being tough is because of the time before boxing, the training. For a good head start hitting the gym would do wonders for you. Get yourself a decent pair of lifting gear, not only would it get your game strong but help you in your stamina.

Boxing Injuries

Every sport in the world has its fair share of injuries, boxing is no different. Boxing’s injuries, however, are somehow worse than any other, because of their concentration on one specific area of the human body. The head, the temple, is obviously the worst place you could ever be hit in, but in boxing, your head is the one taking most of the beating. When there is a head impact in a boxing match there is a chance of a potential head injury of some sort. Think about it, the most famous part of boxing is the KO and where is it mostly banged on? the head. Boxing injuries related to the head are numerous, there are chances of being unconscious, confusion, and loss of coordination, nausea and headaches. These can cause concussions in a boxer where his brain shakes and there is a brief moment of time where he has no idea of where he is, who he is or even what he is? It’s total and complete loss of consciousness for a brief time. These kind of injuries are very dangerous and can sometimes even be fatal in some cases.

Other injuries in boxing include dislocation of shoulders or a dysfunctional or fractured jaw. All these too are results of repetitive and strong blows to the injured area that cause these injuries. Fractures are also common on fingers, thumbs and ribs. The total amount of boxing injuries are countless and to mention them all here would be a waste of mine and your time. The only thing to remember is that boxing is a ruthless game with no favours over anyone, therefore, it will strike who it wants and injure him/her without mercy.

Boxing is the toughest sport in the entire world and it’s not only because of what goes on inside the ring. The roughness in boxing is the bringing up of the boxer and the mental pressure and anxiety he faces while trying to become a pro in boxing. Now if some of you reading this have changed your mind about whether you want to start boxing training or not, I will have you know that even though boxing is the most dangerous sport in the world, it has its perks. So I suggest you go buy yourself a pair of boxing gloves and start your training now, even if it’s hard and unforgiving. Don’t give up!

Author Bio:

Nicola Anderson is a 25-year-old sports journalist based in the UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.


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