Why You Should Start Recording Videos in 4K

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Over the last few years, the number of video cameras that can capture 4K videos has increased steadily. However, you may have held off on starting to record in 4K up till now either because you don’t have a 4K display, or don’t see the need for it.

That being said the fact of the matter is that there are numerous reasons why you should start recording videos in 4K, sooner rather than later:

4K videos have far better quality

The sheer number of pixels in 4K videos make their quality much better and provide sharper videos with much better definition. For example, you can look at the 4K videos on Vimeo.

Even if you’re publishing 1080p videos, recording in 4K will help improve their quality. The additional detail that is recorded in 4K will be evident, even after the video has been downscaled.

Reframing the video becomes possible

If you record videos in 4K you will be able to reframe them – especially if you intend to export the video in a lower resolution such as 1080p. By cropping your video you can effectively improve its composition or cut to close-ups that are still in a very high resolution.

More importantly, it will let you reframe clips to avoid jump cuts when you produce videos and make them far less jarring. Under normal circumstances, you would have difficulty doing that, and if you crop video recorded in 1080p it would have a big impact on its quality.


Better image stabilization in post-production

Similar to reframing, image stabilization is much more effective when you’re recording 4K videos. Software stabilization typically ‘zooms in’ and stretches the image, which can often affect its quality despite the fact that it helps reduce the shakiness of video footage.

By recording at 4K you can avoid that quality loss when you use image stabilization. If you are exporting the video in 1080p or any other lower resolution there should be no loss at all. In fact, even if you are exporting a 4K video the difference in quality will be minimal as the resolution is much higher, to begin with.


Videos will be future proof

Although the majority of viewers still watch videos in 1080p as opposed to 4K – its popularity is growing. It is safe to say that in a few years 4K will replace 1080p as the de facto new video standard, and it is what viewers will prefer.

If you start recording your videos in 4K right now, you can future proof them. In fact, you can even continue to export videos in 1080p for now but will have the option of exporting to 4K later if you require it.

Aside from a 4K camera the only other tool that you really need is a 4K video converter that you can use to convert and download sample video footage if necessary. For example, you could use Movavi Video Converter to do that quite easily.

Make no mistake there are lots of other benefits that come with recording videos in 4K, but the reasons listed above tend to be the most compelling. If nothing else you should be aware why it can help to start recording videos in 4K regardless of whether you have a 4K display or not.


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