Why you choice Sodaclub


Do you just love the taste of restaurant soda pop from a fountain machine? Is there something better about a soda that is mixed at the moment rather than canned or bottled ahead of time? Now you can enjoy the fresh, crisp taste of real soda fountain drinks in the comfort of your own home, apartment or camper. This sodastream review found that the soda stream system allows you to enjoy the clean, fresh taste of fountain soda in the comfort of your home.

Save Space

Sodastream replaces bulky cans and bottles with a sharp looking system that only takes up as much space as a coffee pot. One single bottle of sodamix allows you to make 12 liters of your favorite sparkling beverage. That’s the equivalent of 12 cans, but it only requires as much space as one 2-liter bottle. It’s the perfect choice for dorms, small apartments and campers where storage space is limited.

Great for the Environment

Less packaging means less waste. Our sodaclub review loves that the system reduces waste in landfills, uses less plastic and is far better for the environment than traditional recycling.

Always Fresh

People living in Puerto Rico and other islands know the frustration of flat soda. Because it takes so long to ship in canned and bottled sodas and the heat is so high, the drinks usually go flat extremely quick. The sodaclub review knows that this system is the perfect for anyone living in Puerto Rico, Alaska, the Virgin Islands or other places where flat sodas are the norm, but people still crave fresh, sparkling drinks.


There are so many flavors to choose from that this soda maker review was absolutely amazed. Available options include cola, ginger ale, tonic, cream soda, energy, cranberry-raspberry, orange, grape, root beer, lemonade, and pink grapefruit. The best part is that all flavors are also available in diet options.

Take it Anywhere

Our sodaclub review was really impressed with the fact that this system works with no electricity, no batteries and no plumbing. Who says you have to settle for boring bottled water when camping? Take the Sodastream system along with your gear and enjoy refreshing soda throughout your trip. Take it to the beach in the cooler or on a picnic.

Make and Use Only What you need
Make and use up only the bottles you need. Having to throw away soda that goes flat is incredibly frustrating and this sodaclub review loves that you will never again have to toss flat soda.

Our sodaclub review was also impressed with how many supplies are available. Specially designed bottles are high-pressure resistant and can be washed and reused for up to 2 years. They are BPA free, so they’re safe to recycle. The carbonates are aluminum, so they’re easy to recycle. The entire process takes less time than opening a can and pouring it into a cup, so enjoy your homemade soda. Save money, time and space by choosing the smarter way to have soda


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