What is Shopify and Why is It So Popular?

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blog shopify

As you know Shopify is an eCommerce online market and it is not just an online market it is the best eCommerce market in the world.

This platform provides one of the best eCommerce platforms that there are and a large number of businesses are coming towards this platform.

Since this platform came to life young entrepreneurs seek this opportunity to grow their businesses by coming online and connecting with Shopify. As a large number of startups are joining this platform day by day. 

This article also refers to this platform as this platform is growing bigger and better day by day. We will be investigating what is Shopify and how this platform is so popular among businessmen.

As this platform came into being almost a decade ago but since then it is creating plenty of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to make their startups their dream come true.

So let’s not waste any time and just get back to our business which is the main course of the article that how this platform is so popular now.

What is Shopify and Why is It So Popular?

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It’s Affordable

Shopify gives you all the things you need to create a store in just an affordable rate as you can compare the rates with other platforms and you will see the difference.

However, for a shop to rent you would need a lot of money that will keep you free of worrying for 6 months but in Shopify, the shops are not too much expensive and can be bought in an affordable rate so you do not get worried about the money and can focus on your main goal that is to improve your business bigger and better. 

It Lets You Create An Attractive Store

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The most important thing in a store is its decoration so when a customer sees the store or come to buy from you the store should be attractive and unique so if the customer wants to visit the store again he or she can find it quickly.

However, the customer can not see your face or you do not get to have a face to face interaction with your customer so the store is your face and you do not want to get your face dirty or if you do make your face dirty it might get the customer to step away.

As for this solution, Shopify allows you customize your own store and if you do not know how to customize one then Shopify gives you more than hundred option of themes that can help you choose what is best for your store. 

You Do Not Have To Worry About Web Hosting

If you are just starting your business and do not know how to manage an online business then you do not have to worry about anything.

As Shopify will take care of your problem it will help you in maintaining the software, help in your payment getaway and most importantly it even pays for your hosting.

It means Shopify takes care of all the hard things that you face when you are just starting up. 

You Get Built-in Marketing Tools

Marketing can be a tough job and can make you throw all over your money but in this case, as well Shopify helps by giving you marketing tools that are meta titles.

Page title, meta description, unique URLs and make pages disappear or reappear.

It helps you even in social as it is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that will make your marketing even quicker, easier and better. 

They Provide Commendable Technical Support 

When you are new in running an online business you always need someone or something to support.

Shopify also helps in supporting you as it offers you commendable technical support.

If something went wrong with your website or have some glitches than Shopify will take over your customer care for 24 hours and will turn you into the live chat so you do not miss all the fun. 


 As this article was all about Shopify popularity and how this platform run to aid you when you need help when something went wrong.

If you want to know more about Shopify or want to read its review. You should click on this Shopify review.


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