Walking: The best exercise to lose weight


The best exercise for the stomach is free, easy and does not require any equipment. It is simply walking or jogging. If your abdomen has a little extra fat, it is likely that your entire body has it. Fat is distributed over all the muscles of the body. It accumulates more in certain areas, such as your belly. Your body can not eliminate fat only from one area that is why to reduce the measurements of your abdominal area, you have to burn fat throughout the body.

The localized exercises are important. They alone will not flatten your abdomen, just train the muscle that is below the fat. So, the burning of calories should be your main objective when you start exercising, later you can concentrate in toning the area. Cardiovascular exercises are proven to be the best way to lose weight and running is one of the simplest and most efficient. If you do not have the stamina to run, start by walking quickly or jogging. Go at your own pace, do not despair, little by little you will improve your physical condition. This will also increase your metabolism and make you burn more calories.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of walking

  • Burns a lot of fat. Walking 30 to 60 minutes at a speed that brings your heart rate to 60% or 70% of your capacity burns 85% of calories in the form of fat.
  • Walking at a moderate pace for 30 – 60 minutes not only burns stored fats. It also builds muscles that increase your metabolism.
  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes and bladder problems.
  • Walking also promotes longevity and reduces the risk of hip fractures in older people.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • It allows you to exercise at a constant and consistent pace, burning fat in the process.

How to start?

There are some considerations you should take before you start an exercise program:

First, if you have a health problem, consult a doctor.

Buy yourself a good pair of walking shoes, that feel comfortable and that fit well on your feet.

Get a good route to follow, that is interesting and that entertains you while you walk.

It makes walking a priority. Make space on your agenda for your walks and meet them.

Have a plan B in case of bad weather. Go to the gym to walk in a walker or do another type of aerobic exercise, but do not skip an exercise session.

Start slowly with short walks, and as you develop strength see adding 5-minute intervals.

When you feel ready, increase your speed, and try to walk at least 3 times a week.

Warm up

Start your walks with a warm-up. This increases your oxygen levels and blood circulation in your body, heating your muscles and preventing tears or other injuries. A good warm-up is to walk at a moderate pace for 5 minutes, it does not matter if you are going to run or keep that pace, you must do it to avoid damaging your muscles, to warm up and wash the lactic acid from your blood, which is harmful.


During the last 3 to 5 minutes of your walk, perform it at a gentle or moderate pace, this will serve as refreshment.

What is this for? To decrease the beating of your heart gradually and prevent blood from stagnating in certain parts of the body such as hands and feet. The refreshment not only prevents dizziness that occurs when the blood stops circulating at the same speed through the brain abruptly but also prevents sudden changes in blood pressure, nausea, cramps and prevents muscle injuries.

How do you burn calories walking

The formula is: Your weight x distance walked = Energy spent walking. Time does not matter as much as distance, but if you walk faster, you’ll burn more calories per kilometer. If you walk slowly (4 km / h) you burn about 300 calories in an hour, but if you increase the speed (6 km / h) you can burn 360 and if you run (8 km / h) between 400 and 500 Cal/hour. That said, if you are just starting to walk, it is better that you increase the distance before increasing the speed.

To burn calories it is best to walk long distances. You increase your muscle mass, especially in the legs, while increasing distances and times.

You can also include some training in a gym with weights to increase your body mass a bit and burn more calories per minute.

A useful routine

The following exercise routine can help you improve your metabolism and burn more calories.

1) Do 30 seconds of strong exercise like running.

2) Then 60 seconds of moderate exercise (fast walking or jogging).

3) Repeat the series 5 to 10 times.

4) Take a gentle walk for 5 minutes to rest and relax your muscles.

A good exercise session 3 times a week along with a healthy diet are more than enough to start burning fat, so try it!

An effective combination

A combination of walking or running and a balanced diet is key to losing weight. So try to follow an exercise regimen along with a healthy diet and soon you will lose weight and improve your health.


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