Top Numerical Protection Relay to Get Protect from Electrical Damage


Electrical protection is a task, where electrical power system need to save form electrical damage. Numerical protection relays is help to make protect our electrical power system save form different electrical damage. There is many new techniques developing in the industry, which help protection systems to reduce arc flash energy in addition to basic protection functions.
Following of some top numerical relays-

Transformer Protection

A Transformer is an electrical device, which help to pass the electricity from one circuit to other without changing of electricity frequency. In the modern era, transformer is using to enhance the the level of voltage from general level to the high level, where loss is minimal. It is also as the booster for distribution system to provide better or high level of electricity voltage.

Differential Relay

A two-winding relay that operates when the difference between the electrical currents & in the two winding reaches a predetermined value is know as the differential relays. Differential relay works on one Principle i.e continuity flow of electricity. Example – Water is flowing from of one pipe and it will flow same till as long as there no disturbance.

Over Current Protection

Over Current protection is most basic need in every electrical system. This protection relay help to prevent that kind of damage, which can done by amperes is greater than the rated current. It result from the overload is short circuit & ground fault.

Substation Automation System (SAS)

Substation automation system (SAS) provides protection, monitoring, controlling, automation & communication capabilities at your fingertip. This relays can communicated via graphical presentations and local & global alarm & warning.

Motor Protection Relay

Motor can be start periodically & frequently on the base of power system working. This relay is another second digital numerical protection, which help to prevent electrical motor from electrical & unexpected damage.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is the system of software & hardware that allow to monitor, protected & communicate electrical equipment.

Ashida Electronics is one of leading manufacture & supplier for numerical protection relay. Company prefer continuously development in protection relay, so they setup own R&D team. R&D team help them to make innovation in the product.


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