Top Mobile App Development Trends to Keep Tab on in 2018


The year 2017 has been a fantastic year for apps and, of course, for mobile app developers across the world. From being merely an additional option against websites / software to the only-adopted mode of online presence, the mobility has come a long way. 5 years back, many businesses had to launch apps just because competitors were also doing, but now the same apps have become major sources of income for them. Even many of today’s experienced mobile app developers didn’t begin their career in mobility at the first place. Many switched them to this industry due to its growing popularity and decreasing reception of PCs.

Growing acceptance of smartphone technology in different fields has created opportunities for newcomers. The same trend continued last year, too. AR app developers also saw growing opportunities for them as many companies, in years to come, will adopt AR technologies at several places. Also, the IoT industry is expected to become a market of worth $700 by the year 2020. Naturally, a lot of portion of the growths in the fields of mobile app development, augmented reality, and IoT will happen in the current year, 2018.

Regardless of platforms your business is building an app for, the trends that you should keep tabs on this year are as follows:

More apps will be implemented with the Machine learning capabilities

We will see more and more apps being developed with the revolutionary capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence.  With machine learning, various apps would be able to find out the complexities of the patterns then provide useful information which is backed by the large date.  The machine learning capabilities will bring in revolutionary changes in the healthcare industry. Machine learning will help doctors develop treatment plans that are based perfectly on specific patients.

Such plan will also send important information to patients along with alerts for when and how to use them. This is why apps that can predict the future behavior of users by studying their past habits will play a major role in this year.

Cloud-based App Development to get the next level adoption

We will see more and more apps having direct cloud interactions. It means that there would be fewer dependencies of an over the native capabilities of devices. These apps get the data directly from the cloud and reduce the load on the internal memory of devices.

Enhanced Security – priority for business apps

The security is becoming an obligatory feature of apps. These apps now store a lot of confidential data; some of them are sensitive too. This year, we will see that more and more apps are being built up with the best of the security features.

Apps for the Wearable, IoT gadgets and devices

Users are also buying wearable devices and that’s why there is the need of wearable apps, too. We will see the growing trends of wearable technology at a lot of places in 2018.

The IoT is also getting its place and, many processes are being automated through this technology. It has been receiving a lot of business attention in past few years. Businesses from industries like retail, healthcare, automotive, healthcare, and home automation are implementing the technology of IoT at a lot of their processes, procedures, products. The trend will continue this year, too.

Wrapping up:

So throughout the year 2018, we will see flourishing opportunities for app developers, belong to Smartphones, AR, IoT, and Wearables. Let’s see what future unfolds for the mobile and allied technologies.

Author Bio :- James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development services across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.



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