Top Best Ways to Prevent Identity Theft


People are living with two identities today where digital identity plays a crucial role for everyone. People are more dependent on digital platforms than ever. In the process, they create their social media accounts, email accounts, enroll themselves for banking services, and access other useful services online.

During the process, they generate abundant login details, passwords and other credentials. Here, keeping them safe from prying eyes become a crucial job in the wake of malware & cyber threats. Let’s discuss ways how you can prevent identity theft following some simple steps.

Follow Manual Steps

Keep Your Device Software Up-to-date:

This is the first step to keep your system running up & well. Here, you should be proactive to install all the latest software updates to keep your system safe from all cyber threats.

Keep Your Browser Up-to-date:

As you use your browser to perform numerous tasks online, it becomes important to keep your browser up-to-date. Thus, you should look and update all recent browser updates instantly.

Avoid Unknown Links & Attachments:

You may receive tons of emails every month asking you for promotional offers, discounts and more that also threat cyber threat. Thus, you should be extra careful while clicking on attachments or links given in emails from unknown senders.


Avoid Unknown Links & Attachments:

Use Advanced Identity Protector (AIP):

Advanced Identity Protector (AIP) offers a smart solution to help you keep your identity traces secured. Using this tool, you can keep your confidential information like passwords, email accounts, social security numbers, bank account details, credit card information and other details secured.

It offers a Secure Vault option where you can keep all your sensitive and important information safe. It works on advanced algorithms and offers encryption services to deliver better results.

How does it work?

The program works on advanced techniques and intuitive user interface to help you deal with your security worries about your identity traces. Once you installed and launched Advanced Identity Protector (AIP), you are required to tap on “Start Scan Now” button on the Status page. Once you click on the button, it will initiate scanning your system storage to detect all sensitive and important details & credentials. Here, it will display all these details in a user-friendly manner.

How does it work?

You can find scan results on Identity Scan window. Here, it will display results (identity traces) based on scanning browsers, documents & files, email clients and Windows Registry. You can select any of these items or all items to move to encrypted Secure Vault. To do this, you need to click on “Protect Now” button.

In addition to that, you can click on other options like “Remove Traces Permanently” to permanently delete all identity traces from your system or “Add to Exclusion List” to add the selected identity traces to the Exclusion List instead of deleting them. Once you move these traces to the Exclusion List, it will not be shown in subsequent scans.

On Settings Page, you will find options like schedule, general settings, excluded items, excluded folders and scan logs. Schedule option allows you to schedule the process to find identity traces automatically. Under the general settings option, you will find the auto start, auto updater and create logs option.

In addition to that, you can use excluded items or excluded folders option to exclude any specific item from the scan process. To find details about all your last scan processes simply click on Scan Logs option. Here, you get the option to export the log or delete log instantly.


Features of Advanced Identity Protector

Protects Sensitive Information:

Use can use this advanced identity theft protection tool to keep all your sensitive and important information secured from all cyber threats. Using this tool, you can keep your passwords, credit card information, banking credentials, email accounts, login details and other important details safe from prying eyes.

Organize Personal Data Securely:

App offers Secure Vault option to keep all your sensitive identity traces secure in an encrypted manner. This is a useful feature that helps you keep your sensitive details away from prying eyes.

Protect Credit Card Information:

In addition to other important information, you can use this tool to keep your credit card details safe. By keeping your credit card details in a secure vault, you can keep your financial transactions safe to a greater level.

Quick Access to Information:

App offers Secure Vault feature to keep all your details safe in an encrypted manner. Once you move your details to Secure Vault, you needn’t remember it all the time as you can access this detail anytime anywhere.

Areas Protected by AIP:

Advanced Identity Protector offers complete data security when it comes to details related to web browsers, documents & files, email clients and Windows registry.


Advanced Identity Protector (AIP) provides a comprehensive security mechanism to keep all your sensitive and important credentials safe in an encrypted manner. You can use this powerful tool to avail advanced security features instantly for better security. It not only keeps your data safe away from prying eyes, but it also offers quick access to this data when needed.



Following some simple yet effective steps you can easily protect your identity traces. In addition to that, you can use advanced identity theft protection tool like Advanced Identity Protector for instant and effective results.

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