Top 7 Gym Accessories To Elevate Your Fitness Routine

7 Must-Have Gym Accessories To Elevate Your Fitness Routine

While you spend most of your time training with heavy equipment, fitness accessories like gloves, belts and wraps can help to protect your body from the wear and tear of high-intensity exercise.

Here, we bring you the top 7 gym accessories which can elevate your fitness routine and aid in achieving amazing results.

1- Weightlifting Shoes

Shoes have the responsibility of handling the maximum pressure and the entire body weight. Investing in a good pair of strong weightlifting shoes is a must for every trainer as well as a learner. The sole of the shoes must preferably be a flat rubber sole that has the capacity to hold pressure due to large weights. It should provide enough room for the air to pass and must fit well so that they don’t slip out during running or weightlifting.

2- Fitness Tracker

Keeping a track of your workout is as important as the workout itself. The design of the fitness tracker that you buy must suit your requirements. Whether you buy a wrist device or one that can be hooked onto your clothes, it must be water resistant, durable and able to keep an accurate account of your calories and steps are taken. Some can also monitor distance traveled and sleep, making it a great device to keep track of your complete workout regime.

3- Shaker

A shaker bottle is a convenient way to mix protein drinks and gym supplements. A good shaker bottle must have a good seal. It must be strong and robust enough to withstand the pressure of liquids contained in it. The mixing mechanism must be efficient enough to break all the powder clumps quickly. Besides, the bottle must be easy to clean.

4- Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are leather or cloth straps that is to be tied around your wrist to make it easier for you to lift or carry heavy weight. Quite helpful for improving the position of the joints, they are majorly designed for providing support to the wrist. There are chances of the wrist getting strained during major heavy weight exercises.

5- Lifting Gloves

Gloves not only provide a better grip but also protects your hand from any kind of injury or pain. A good pair of lifting gloves must provide awesome hand and wrist support. Gloves with padded palms are also a great choice if you want your hands to be protected against any accidental bruises due to lifting weights.

6- Music Player

The right music in your ears motivates you to focus better and stay engaged for a long time. A great playlist will not let you feel bored and gives you an easy way to spend some time on the equipment you hate to deal with. Wear your customized t-shirt with motivational quotes while you’re at it to up your motivation game.

7- Lifting Belt

A lifting belt is an important accessory for your workout regime. It protects your torso during heavyweight lifting and allows you to lift weights easily without straining your muscles excessively.

Many other accessories such as chalk, lifting straps, resistance bands, running shoes and workout log etc. are equally important. The choice of the accessories also depends upon the kind of exercises you are more inclined towards.


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