Top 5 Benefits of Cleaning Windows Registry


Windows registry plays a central repository to store all software and hardware configuration data of your Windows system. It contains all information related to installed hardware & software, user profiles, and other property settings of your PC. Windows registry entries keep on edited as you perform different tasks like adding or deleting files and programs, hardware changes and much more. Even your system operating system keeps on referring to registry for necessary information during different operations.

Windows registry stores larger database of all core settings on Windows and other programs. Here, you can edit registry to modify or tweak any system setting. It gives you the freedom to change any feature or setting with the necessary change in the registry.

Challenges with Windows Registry edit: Knowing the fact that modifying Windows registry may translate as modifying core parts of your operating system like booting and other settings. Thus, it brings certain limitations when it comes to registry editing. Apart from manual intervention, Windows Registry also gets modified due to various reasons like adding or uninstalling program, faulty installation or uninstallation process, saving other data, hardware changes etc.

Over time Windows Registry gets cluttered due to obsolete, redundant, erroneous and unnecessary information. It makes registry to grow and get fragmented affecting system performance negatively. Sometimes it causes registry errors and may lead to performance issues.

There are two ways available to clean cluttered Windows Registry.

First do it manually. To do this, search and select “regedit” in the search box to open Registry Editor. Now sift through all entries to find erroneous entry and remove it. It is important to know that all registry editing or alterations are irreversible thus you should be extra careful while doing so. We suggest you avoid manual editing Registry without enough knowledge.

                                                         Source: pcworld

Second use registry cleaning software. Registry cleaning software brings you a better solution when it comes to defrag and declutter Windows Registry. These nifty tools help you perform customized searches to get accurate results. Here, it will search whole registry to find errors, invalid DLL values, empty entries, incorrect values and lot more. Further, you can use these tools to repair a corrupted Windows registry for improved system performance. In fact, it is a safer solution when you don’t know much about the registry.

Top 5 benefits of cleaning Windows Registry

1- Smooth system performance:

This is the biggest benefit of cleaning Windows Registry at regular intervals. Cluttered & fragmented registry surely backfire and affect your system performance negatively thus taking necessary steps to clean and fix it helps you get improved system performance.

2- Avoid crashes & lags:

Cluttered registry may ultimately cause system crashes and other problems as erroneous entries keep on interfering in regular operations. Thus, it becomes important to keep your system registry clean to avoid crashes or other problems.

3- Remove Embedded Keys:

Many shareware software adds non-removable keys into system registry that is known as embedded registry keys. These keys are used to save licensing and other information on your system to prevent users from evading or tempering with license agreements. Apart from it, these embedded keys are also used by malware attackers to add hidden or non-removable entries in your system registry. Thus, it becomes important to perform registry cleaning to find and eliminate all such malicious entries.

4- Fix DLL Errors:

Dynamic-link Library or DLL is an important component that is helpful to run the operating system. Here, it contains code, data, and other necessary resources. Over time, DLL errors may occur on your system due to various reasons. If you find any similar issue on your system then registry cleaning can help you fix the problem seamlessly.

Source: msvcr80dll

5- Cleaning of invalid entries:

When any program doesn’t uninstall completely then it leaves invalid entries in Windows Registry. It causes various performance issues on your system. Thus, Registry cleaning helps you find and remove all such invalid entries to improve your system performance.


Windows registry is important and delicate part of your system. It stores all important information related to whole your system. While it requires utmost attention & knowledge to edit Windows Registry it is also useful to improve system performance significantly. You can clean Windows registry manually or use registry cleaner tools for instant and effective results.

Summary: Windows Registry plays an important role to keep your system performance intact. Further, there are immense benefits of cleaning Windows Registry as it helps you improve system performance significantly.


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