Top 10 Tips To Become A Good Programmer


Programming simply means the process of writing computer programs. Similarly, a programmer is the person who writes programs. You can’t call yourself a good programmer if you don’t have building experience in various tasks, the structure of data or knowing multiple programming languages. So, today we’ll present.

1. Write more code: The first and foremost tip that you can do is to write more and more code. It will help you to identify your weakness or errors. Your precision on programming will gradually improve with time. Here’s How To Become A Good Programmer.

2. Reading Books: Reading has many benefits so same is for programming. There are many professional programmers who have compiled a number of books. In these books, they clearly mention the problems they have faced and how they got rid of them. So, reading books of programmers will also help you to great extent.

3. Use forums: Become active on forums, discussion groups. You can leave your questions on various forums across the web. If you leave your meaningful questions, you will likely receive help from many programmers. Briefly, you can use Quora or Google forums for same.

4. Time and dedication: Programming requires dedication and patience. If you dedicate yourself for practicing data structure, design, or algorithms, your skills will eventually get enhanced and you’ll likely become a good programmer.

5Reading is necessary: You should also develop a reading habit. No, this is not about reading books but reading good blogs of programmers.  There are thousands of blogs on the web where programmers suggest valuable tips to readers and the solutions for common programming errors.

6Follow fellow programmers: Writing code is quite easier than reading the entire one. So, in brief, many people don’t enjoy reading their code. They can, however, read the work of other programmers and understanding how can they find a way to developing your own ability.

7Perform mock tests: Conduct writing unit tests to boost your code quality. Well, it may be quite hectic for normal programmers but it will help you in thinking through framework and breaches in your code.

8Seek reviews for your code: Organizing code review is one of the best ways for the review to boost their code writing capability and provide a valuable suggestion. Also, the author gets the chance to point out the mistakes in the codes.

9Use Open Source Community Platforms: With each passing day, many programmers are now becoming active on open source community. Interacting with other programmers lets your thinking and ideas to run smoothly and ultimately better solutions through mutual knowledge.

10Spread knowledge: “Sharing is caring”, it has been rightly said by someone. You can share your knowledge by engaging in discussion forums or other blogs. It will not only help other persons but will also give a chance to revise your knowledge. It will also help you to revise the things which you learned long time ago.

These were the tips which can help you to become a good programmer. If you liked these tips, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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