6 Tips You Should Know to Control Your Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is a reading higher than 120 over 80 and lower than 140 over 90 on the meter. It puts the individual at risk for various problems like kidney diseases, the risk of heart attack, poor blood circulation, etc.

The longer the blood pressure keeps high the more dangerous it becomes. There are various measures which can be deployed to control your blood pressure. Let’s have a look into these tips one by one.

1. Kratom:

Herb Kratom is greatly used by a large number of people to tackle adverse health problems. Kratom is a relaxing and calming herb, it is used to overcome blood pressure symptoms like stress and anxiety. This is the reason Kratom is consumed to reduce the high blood pressure of the user and brings it down to normal. It has various strains for different health purposes but the best strain which can be consumed to control the blood pressure is Green Malay Kratom.

Green Malay is a power strain and can offer best effects even at low usage. You can get more learning on Kratom from RedstormScientific.com, a blog to give valuable information on the herb “Kratom”, its types, effects, reviews of customers, users and other info on the herbs, nootropics, buy Kratom capsule online and other health supplements.

2. Exercise Regularly:

Exercise is an efficient way to lower your blood pressure. It doesn’t mean that you start exercising when your blood pressure is high instead a person should exercise regularly to keep the blood pressure under control. Minimum 15 minutes of exercise daily would be enough.

Exercise can be walking, yoga, cycling, jogging, swimming, stretching your muscles, dancing or any other physical activity involving the body parts. Exercise will help to enhance lung capacity, improve the circulation, increase the heart efficiency and ultimately will able you to control the blood pressure.

3. Reduce Your Stress Level

Stress can raise the blood pressure. When a person is stressed, its body produces hormones which narrow down the blood vessels and hence raises the blood pressure of the stressed person. If you are at risk of high blood pressure, must pay attention to reduce your stress level.

There are certain activities which can assist you to control your stress like meditation, talking about your problems, doing exercise, listen to soothing music, accept that you cannot control everything, performing yoga, eating a healthy diet, taking a hot bath, etc.

4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity is dangerous for health, causing various problems like causing stress on the bones and joints, heart high, diabetes, asthma, poor circulation and high blood pressure.

Keeping up a healthy weight for your body sort helps hold your blood pressure within proper limits. In the event that you are carrying excess weight, losing it is particularly critical for bringing down your blood pressure. An even small deduction such as 10 pounds is effective in bringing down your blood pressure.

5. Be Salt Smart:

Salt works best to increase the blood pressure of an individual. Certain people especially those which have a family background of high blood pressure are more probable than others to have hypertension caused by increased salt intake.

According to experts, even a little cut of salt from your daily diet can reduce your blood pressure to at least 8 mmHg. Prepared foods liked canned vegetables and soup especially restaurant food contain a high amount of salt and spices, reduce intake of such food. Half table spoon of daily salt intake is perfect to keep your blood pressure level under control.

Final Words

There is no fast approach to decrease your blood pressure. However, the tips discussed above would be helpful. If your blood pressure level keeps high consistently then it is a better approach to consult your doctor.


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