Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Travel BackPack


The choice of your backpack is an important step in the preparation of your world tour. Your faithful companion will spend hundreds of hours on your shoulders during this trip.

In this file, we explain the criteria to take into account to choose the bag best suited to your way of traveling.

To help you find your bearings, we have compared in detail the models most frequently chosen by the Turdumondists. For better backpacks visit conceal carry backpack.

What extra bag for the day?

We often underestimate the weight gain of volume that can be obtained by choosing well its booster bag.

For example, the classic 22-liter Quechua Escape bag weighs 502g and takes up a lot of space inside your big bag. It’s way too heavy and too big.

Travel bag with a built-in removable accessory bag

Some big bags (Deter Traveler and Osprey Far point for example) have a small removable bag that is zipped on the big bag.

It is very practical, it avoids having to find room in the big bag with each long trip. It can be detached quickly (in general) to get on a bus leaving the big in the cargo hold.

The biggest disadvantage is that it takes the center of gravity away from your backpack, so it pulls over your shoulders.

Travel Bag

It also complicates a little access to the inside of the bag. Finally, it is usually quite small, closer to 10 liters than 20 liters and its weight is around 200 grams, which is not so heavy, but improbable.

Many travelers appreciate this solution, but Francis prefers to take a separate bag and buy a lighter travel bag without this option.

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The answer may seem obvious, but some people still ask the question. The results of our survey show that almost all Turdumondists opt for a backpack.

During your journey, you will have to walk on unpaved roads and paths where it will be difficult to drag a trolley.

Abandon immediately the idea of taking a suitcase, even small. Are you a backpacker (in English), a mochilero (in Spanish), a backpacker (in French)? The backpack is your attribute!

Travel Bag

Not only is it impossible, of course, to hike with a wheeled bag, but you will also be limited or inconvenienced in the means of transport that you will want to take. How will you get to take a motorcycle taxi in South East Asia?

You will most certainly take tiny and crowded buses. You may have to sit on the floor in the middle aisle. You must be able to get on and off quickly and keep the people around you as much as possible.

Hiking Backpack

For the French, hiking backpacks remain the norm. Of the Turdumondists, 88% of women and 97% of men choose this type of bag.

With their fighter look, they offer a good wearing comfort (especially for hiking), as well as many pockets, straps … and, are lighter than sometimes more than a kilo compared to the suitcase backpacks.

Hiking Backpack

On the other hand, they are less accessible, which can, when your bag is your only wardrobe for a year, become quite frustrating in the long run.

François uses a hiking backpack (Quechua Easy fit ) which is cheap and especially light, only 1.75 kg.

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Suitcase Backpack

More common in Anglo-Saxon countries, suitcases (such as Quechua Escape, Deter Traveler and Osprey Far point for example) are an interesting alternative to the traditional hiking backpack. Among the Turdumondists, 12% of women and 3% of men choose this type of bag.

They are really designed for backpackers. They offer a large compartment that opens completely, like a suitcase, which allows much easier access to content.

Suitcase Backpack

Even if they are a little less adventurous, they nevertheless offer a good wearing comfort.

They can be used in trekking, even if the weight distribution is not as optimal as with a hiking bag and they are generally heavier. In addition, they often incorporate a small removable bag, which is zipped on the big bag.

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