Things Brides Should Do the Month of Their Wedding


The announcement of wedding date spare shower of happiness, excitement, in everyone’s life. There is something unique about this lifetime event in which one becomes curious and happy. It develops a zeal of doing something extraordinary that’s why we often name the marriages with love. Love is the most beautiful colour of life one should experience and live with their partner with the serenity of togetherness. But to beautify your big event you need to work smartly from planning for the event to decide the wedding theme you need to take care of everything.

Planning of the wedding has begun with the very first with the announcement of engagement ceremony. Being a bride, it is considered that you want everything exclusive, so you by yourself looking for all the arrangements whether it’s about booking the vendors, choosing a wedding cards designer, selecting the theme of the day according to your preferences and wedding season and so on. But when you have been left with only one month then you have to take a review of several things and this time you may feel stressed at all you need to get done. Just take a deep breath in and check out these things that are most important in yours to do list:

Apply for the marriage license on time

If you and your spouse haven’t applied for marriage license yet then this is the time to apply for it. Before heading down to the town hall, make sure you find out the requirements for the place you are getting married.

Arrange your final fitting

It’s not enough to finalise the wedding gown & other apparels. You should make plans for the final fitting in advance so the gown will be altered with perfection. The gown will be ready for you to on when the special day arrives.

Take an overview of every detail with vendors

Take a meeting with the vendors and discuss and check every detail you want to have in your event. You can ask for their work’s previous pictures & reviews and even bargain on the prices. This way you can get an idea about the services.

Take a final hair and makeup trial

It’s better to take a hair style trial before your wedding day. So you can get an idea, which style you should choose or your hair stylist is experienced or not.

Bridesmaids Arrangements

Make a check on your bridesmaid’s arrangements that they have their final fittings and that they have picked up their apparels before some days. So they don’t need to worry about later.

Take massage & facial

Take facial before some days of a wedding because you don’t want to do these too close to your wedding ceremony. A week or two weeks before the wedding is a perfect time to have some rest & relaxation.

Follow these guidelines to enjoy a stress-free and well-planned wedding ceremony.


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