The Uber Clone App Satisfying Every Travel Requirement


Road travel is the most common mode of commuting for most people, be it by way of a cycle, scooter, van, lorry, bus, car, well the list is endless.  However, all these vehicles not only increase atmospheric pollution but also create traffic congestion. That is why most people are opting for taxis as a means of stress-free, quick, comfortable and easy on the pocket means of commuting from one place to another.  It has, therefore, become imperative that there is a need for some sort of technology such as the uber clone app to facilitate the needs of taxi drivers, commuters and entrepreneurs.

Why to buy uber clone?

These days’ business people, as well as consumers, use mobile technology for all their needs. Platforms like Android and iPhone are popular everywhere and have an unimaginable reach. Apps like on-demand taxi apps have become a necessity as everyone has a need to commute quickly. To facilitate this quick commute, entrepreneurs are investing in this app and making a very lucrative income from the commission received from each ride booked through the app.

The Workings of the App

The taxi app works at three different levels, satisfying the requirements of the driver, rider and entrepreneur. From a business point of view, the entrepreneur’s benefits by way of a commission received from every ride booked through the app. Many entrepreneurs have invested in the app and are running successful taxi businesses.

Drivers and riders need to register on the app before they can use it for their purposes. Drivers can enlist their vehicle and services for driving passengers. Passengers, on the other hand, can look up live vehicles and request one for their individual purpose.

The user gets an idea of the distance and the fare for the ride. The payment is done automatically via the payment card that the user registered initially at the time of registration. Entrepreneurs take their commission and the rest is transferred to the driver’s account.

The unique features of the app

  • Easy registration and sign up facility
  • Profile settings
  • Social media integration
  • Different types of taxi listings
  • Tracking facility
  • Driver details and profile
  • A safe mode of payment
  • Promotion codes
  • Detailed travel history
  • Facility to request car type i.e. sedan, Maserati, Ferrari, etc
  • Facility to view driver profiles, rates and reviews
  • Can login via social media sites such as Facebook
  • Real time tracking facility
  • Geolocation
  • Specialised rides e.g. airport rides, women only, pets allowed etc

Invest in your future with the taxi app

Why don’t you too be part of the Uber revolution? All you need to do is search for a good developer who will give you your customised script in as little as two days and start you earning. You can get your app customised to your specifications, in the language and currency of your choice. If you want to target a niche market, that can be arranged too. All you need to do is give as much information about your idea and business to the developer and they will do the rest. Sounds good? Then it’s time to look for the developer who will give you the app of your dreams, an uber clone app that will give you a very secure future.

Author Bio:

Lata Motvani, works as a Digital influencer at She is used to write on various technology, mobile apps, uber clone, on demand service apps, current affairs, latest trends and so on.


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