The Truth about Non-Invasive Weight Loss Methods

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Weight loss journey can get complicated. And the most difficult part is losing those last few pounds. You might spend hours doing cardio but sadly, fat loss doesn’t happen. Have you gone through a hundred diets and a multitude of exercise regimes? Are your weight loss results not as successful as you would like to see?

The thing is there are certain problem areas on your body and it is difficult to shed extra fat from those places. From thighs to the waist, upper arms to the double chin, back fat and tummy, getting rid of the fat completely is almost impossible for some.

Techniques like liposuction, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeves are some of the most common methods where people go under the knife to eliminate a few ‘extra’ inches of fat.

Problem is, these methods not only are dangerous, but people end up with weight gain after some time. They can also lead to surgery complications such as bleeding and infections as well as medical complications including nutritious deficiencies. You either need to repeat these procedures, or you lose the hourglass figure your heart so desires.

But now these worries can now be put to ease because there are now non-invasive methods through which you not only can get rid of the fat but keep it off permanently.

That’s right. The impossible has now been made possible with non-invasive weight loss methods. Not sure what these are? CoolSculpting is such a method for weight loss. Let us first discuss the different ways through which people try to reduce inches off of their bodies.

Here are some commonly used non-invasive methods through which you can lose weight and which one is the best choice for you.


The most common practice to lose weight is the use of weight loss pills. According to research, such medication can help you get rid of around 5-10% of your weight within a year’s time. As much as this process works, it is also a high-risk process due to the presence of hormones.

The hormones in these pills can disrupt the normal functioning of hormones within your body. This can cause medical complications in susceptible individuals.

Green tea supplements and other herbal medicines are also frequently used to accelerate weight loss.

Laser Technique

This process is mostly used for problem areas like flanks, outer and inner thighs, abdomen and back. Known as a body contouring process, laser technique is not recommended to people who want to get rid of extra pounds. It is mostly for people who want to opt for skin tightening, defining and sculpting. Hence it may not work for you if you want to lose weight.


This is the process where experts use radiofrequency technology and some low-level laser to cut out the extra fat from the abdomen region. Keep in mind though that this process works only for the abdomen and belly region.

It cannot be used anywhere else. People who have gone through with the process claim that it works well for them. Since it only shows results in the desired area, it does not help with permanent weight loss.


Another method that has been found very effective by users is liposonix. This too targets the abdomen region and helps people achieve a flat tummy within a single hour. Of course, you may need more than one session to have the procedure work effectively.

Only people who have BMI equal to or less than 30 are eligible for the process. In simple words, it is a restrictive process that not everyone can benefit from.


By far the most efficient and promising non-invasive method for weight loss is CoolSculpting. It freezes fat off of your body and then the fat cells leave your body through a period of time. It has been cleared by FDA and involves controlled cooling to get rid of excess fat from the double chin, abdomen, flanks, back, upper arms, inner and outer thighs.

There is no surgery, needles, anesthesia or downtime. People who have had CoolSculpting done claim that there is a tingling sensation that is so relaxing they could sleep through the process. It takes anywhere from 35 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the area treated. This is the reason it is believed to be the best non-invasive method through which you can get rid of unwanted fat from your body.

If you have been thinking of non-invasive fat reduction, then CoolSculpting is one of the most effective procedures you can look into. Get in touch with an expert and ask them if you are a viable candidate for the procedure. They will guide you on how to get an evaluation done and get rid of those stubborn pounds to achieve an hourglass figure. Good luck.




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