The Top Most Gadgets Which Are Making Our Lives Easier


Invention of machines brought immense changes in our lives and made way for the industrialization that was the basis for mass production and availability of different new gadgets that have taken over the menial work. This made our lives much easier and less laborious. Market is introduced every day with a new gadget that is invented to make a particular task easier for us. In this post, we are going to look into top most useful gadgets that are improving our productivity while making our lives easier.


Travelling light is every traveller’s dream without shedding important items that you need. Taking your PC is out of question and laptop can be heavy as well considering you have other items to carry as well. Tablet is the best gadget that carries all your data without adding to the weight of your luggage. You can watch movies or even download from top 10 movie websites. You can take your office with you and enjoy the safari in Savannah as well. All your documents, favourite video games, and even movies can be stored in your Tab and can be enjoyed on the move. It makes everything easier to handle and operate.

Amazon Echo:

Part of IoT family, Amazon Echo is your virtual assistant which is a cloud-based technology. It has evolved from proficient-sounding Bluetooth speakers. It can call an Uber for you, order pizza and control smart lights. It is an accurate and swift device that is always listening and efficiently follows your commands. Life can’t get better than that, could it?

Portable Battery:

You are off to an important meeting and have to call your secretary to be ready with important notes for the meeting. The worst nightmare? Your smartphone’s battery dies on you. Not anymore, the Portable battery is here to save the day. You can take it anywhere and not have to worry about dead cell phone battery. There are various brands available in the market you can choose from.

Universal Remote:

Having lots of gadgets with lots of remotes can become a real headache as you have to keep track of as many remotes. This problem can be solved, however, with a good universal remote. One remote can control many gadgets and you can easily keep track of one remote that controls all. They are available in the market produced by different companies. You can get one that caters best to your needs.

Wocket Smart Wallet:

Being a businessman with lots of travelling; carrying lots of credit cards can be a hassle. Keeping track of each one of them, shuffling between them in case of lack of credit can become a big headache. Wocket Smart Wallet is the best travelling companion for, not only businessmen but anyone who has lots of credit cards and wants to get a one space solution for all of them. Wocket store all your credit card information and can perform any kind of transactions through Visa, MasterCard, Best Buy or Amazon. It is quite safe to use with its ability to use passwords, PIN, voice match and other security measures such as data encryption protection which you will not find with your traditional credit cards. Travelling light is the thing today, made possible by Wocket Smart Wallet.

Myfox Security System:

Traditional security systems usually found in houses or offices are just designed to alert you about the break in. This new technology, MyFox Security System has stepped up the game by introducing enhanced multiple features. Not only does it alert the law enforcers, but it uses stock sensors installed on doors and windows to scare the burglars away. This is achieved through loud siren if the sensors detect any suspicious activity around doors and windows. Now, this is what you call fool proof security, isn’t it? And what’s more? You don’t have to pay for hefty fees or contracts through this one time purchase.

Trackr Stickr:

This is God sent device from heavens and I am sure 120% people will agree with me. Where did I put my keys? Have you seen my wallet; I had it in my hands a while ago? Sound familiar? This smart gadget is going to solve more than half of the world population’s problem of losing items. It is a quarter-size device that can be attached to your keys, put inside your wallet or anything that you can’t afford to lose. TrackR StickR can communicate the location with the companion app and can be located in a jiffy.

These are some of the popular and most useful gadgets available in the market for making our lives easier. They not only do their job efficiently but also help us do ours in more productive way as well.

AUTHOR’S BIO: Simon Kingsley is a Professor by profession and is an ardent techie. He explores the latest technology being introduced in the market and shares valuable information through help with assignment writing. He is an artist as well.


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