Teens and Sexting- What Should Parent Do?


Sexting is defined as talking dirty via text messages and even through instant messengers. These days sexting has become a serious issue for the teens as well as their parents. With the rise and popularity of social media, internet and particularly the dating sites, sexting is common nowadays.

A growing number of kids and teens are engaged in sexting. There is no doubt that sexting is dangerous and harmful. It has severe impacts on the kids. The interesting thing is teens do more sexting than adults and young people.

The teens are not more comfortable in meeting their dates and partners so they rely on sexting. We are going to talk about sexting, its impacts and what parents should do in this regard to handle sexting of their teens.

Impacts of Sexting

A good number of studies have reported sexting is on the rise due to the latest technology, better cameras and video calling options on their smartphones and devices.

These studies found out that sexting has not only effects on the senders but the receivers, as well as both, are involved in the same game. Here are some of the impacts of sexting that should never be ignored.

Embarrassment and Humiliation

As the people send nude or intimate photos and enjoy sexual talks via messages, there are
chances they will feel ashamed once they are done with it.

Many teens admitted they feel embarrassed when they do sexting but they have no control over it. Moreover, if the photos and videos are leaked on adult sites, this will cause even more embarrassment to the teens. For this reason, it is said sexting leads to humiliation.


Experience Bullying

There is no denying of that fact that many kids and teens are bullied on dating and
social sites. This happens when they talk to people older than them.

The older people are more experienced so they find it really easy to bully a younger teen girl. Bullying itself has serious effects like low confidence, body shaming and feeling low about oneself.


Breakups in Relationship

You might have heard that teens also experience breakups in relationships during sexting.
They love someone and it can lead to the end of the relationship.

This is hurting for both the partners. However, the effect is teens see all this in a relationship at a very young age and this makes them believe people are not loyal when they are in relationships. This is damaging and can cause further issues in their real life.

Body Shaming

Apart from what we have discussed just above, there is one more thing parents should understand. That is body shaming. When teens share their intimate body photos with their partners, they may be shamed.

Anyone can pass negative comments about their body and it really hurts the self-respect of teens and kids. This is the most dangerous thing that a teen is shamed for their body. They grow up with this guilt and believe people don’t like them.

What Should Parents Do Now?

There are certain things parents should do in order to help their kids get rid of sexting and
live normal lives. Studies proved that lack of parental care is one of the major reasons why teens indulge in sexting and sexual relationships at the young ages.

Apart from this, teen pregnancy has also troubled society as well as parents and that is just because of sexting. The first thing parents should do is to spend time with their kids and children. This is the best thing any parents can do to protect their kids against online threats and sexting.

Spending time with kids allows parents to know about them, the issues they are facing and
help in resolving the problems. The next thing parents can do is to get psychological assistance of the experts.

Kids who are involved in sexting should be treated carefully and sent to the doctors who can help them quit it. The experts have some good methods to treat kids with sexting and they can surely make a teen live a normal and happy life.
Lastly, parents should think about parental control. Parents should use a monitoring
app to track kids. BlurSPY is the best parental spy allows parents to track kids, keep eyes on their online activities, monitor their social media, track live locations as well as check
multimedia. This app will surely help all parents to protect kids against sexting and put it to
a stop.


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