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Your android device is your best companion these days and most of the time it rests on your palm and you use it for many things such as for booking tickets, for sending messages, for clicking photographs and for financial transactions and for many other things so it becomes must to take care the security of these devices.

When we use computers and laptops we keep them protected using anti malware software but the fact is these days our smartphones has replaced laptops and computers. Earlier we use to browse internet mostly through computers but now smartphone can don even more than a computer. One thing we should wear on our mind that if we left the security aspect of our devices un attended then we should remember that you are compromising your personal professional and financial data.

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It is must to have a security software on the smartphone you are using. If you will search on the google play store you will find hundreds of applications which promise to ensure security on your android device but Systweak antimalware is an application which protects you from malware attacks effectively. Let us find out how this application works.

Home screen:

After the completion of download and installation process you will be on the home screen of the application. Here you will find options to start the scan and malware alerts of your device. On the top menu, you will see options such as scan, security privacy and More. You can see alerts such as when was your device last scan OS of your device is up to date or not and the last date on which you have performed scan. You can start the scan simply by taping on the “Scan now” button. Your device will be deeply scanned for viruses and malware.

Scan Results Page:

Once you are done with the scan process you will be on the results page. Scan results are very easy to understand. On the results page, you will find applications which can be malicious. Here if you find applications which are not into your knowledge then you can un install them from here or you can whitelist an application if you want to keep it anyway.

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Security Tab:

Second option on the top menu of the application is Security here you can configure security settings of your device. Largely there are three options under this tab here are they.

Installing from unknown sources

This Options makes it sure that application from unknown sources will not get into your system. If this option is turned on then you can only install application from the google play store. If for any purpose you have disabled this option then application will let you know that it is turned off and you should prohibit the installation of applications from unknown sources.

Development Mode

Developer mode on your device is meant for developer tweaks. It should be turned on when you need to make some developer level changes on your device and that too by professional developers. By default, it is turned off on your device and the application will let you know if this option is tuned on your device. You can turn it off on just one tap to make your device secure from developer level security threats.


NFC is a good medium to share files over the air you can touch your device to another device and this way you can share files. This technology can even be used to transfer funds this is why you should not keep it turned on all the time.

Privacy tab:

On the privacy tab, you can find which applications have access to which part of your privacy. Here you will find how much percentage of apps having access to your financial information, how much can track your location, how much have network access and how much can read your personal data. You can tap on the percentage and then on the app to limit the access. When we install an application we hardly look that what all permissions we are granting so this option really works well to edit permissions later.

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More Tab:

Here you will find scan history, white listed apps and can provide feedback to developers etc.

Next tab is to configure some settings from here you can set your scan preferences tough full scan is recommended to keep your device fully protected from infections. You can also disable Realtime protection from here.

So, we can say Systweak Antimalware is a strong protection for your device. It can keep you save from potential data loss. Do not ignore the security aspect of your android device keep it safe in the hands of this amazing application which is free to download from the link.

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