Sport Trophies: Marking The Winners In The Best Possible Way

best sport trophies

Being a part of sports is something quite energetic and fun. It gives a sense of competition right from a young age, which will later help you in achieving success in due course of life. Now, just like in every game, there is a winner and a loser. A winner needs to be honored and respected by presenting sports trophies.

Therefore, you must know the types of trophies dedicated for sports before you can finally make a decision. There are multiples trophies available and each one is dedicated for each category.

Depending on the kind of sports players are actively participating in, the types of trophies are subject to vary. So, learning more about the types to make a right decision, in the end, will always work.

best sports trophies

From The Least Expensive To The Most Expensive:

There are multiple types of sports trophies available and the cheapest one among the lot has to be medals, bag tags, and the dog tags. These can be procured at as a less as $2 in the market, which solely depends on the level of personalization and quality of engraving done. However, these are not the ones used in major sports. Depending on the importance of sports and the area where it is being held, the trophies are going to vary a lot.

Econo Trophy:

These economy trophies are some of the important types of trophies you are likely to come across. These trophies are also defined as entry-level trophies and are known to be simple in design with small marble base. The marble base does not comprise of any felt pads and you can print the personalized tags and not go for the engraved option.

Participation Trophies:

A bit expensive than the entry level ones has to be the participation trophies. These forms have plastic figurines on top, which is mostly in shape of any sports or activity. Depending on the sports type, the figurine can vary in its structure and design. It comprises of a column in between the base of the trophy and figure. The marble base is larger and comprises of felt pads for protecting the furniture where it will be placed.


If you want a bit different sport trophy, then the plaques can be one such example. These are mostly available in multiple configurations. You can always insert the sports plaques with an icon of the sport, located right at the top. The market houses picture plaques too, which can range in price depending on wooden type and size used.

Glass Trophies:

Right now, crystal and glass are the major materials, which are increasing popularity for manufacturing trophies. The beauty of glass sport trophies is just amazing and hard for you to resist. These kinds of trophies are mostly used in a corporate setting, when your company or brand has organized a sports event for the employees to take part in it. These are much more expensive, but comprise a class in it.

Trophies Are Subject To Vary:

The design and structure of famous sports trophies are unique and cannot be copied without a set permission from the sports board. Now, the world houses so many types of sports, right from football to hockey, Cricket to Table Tennis and more. So, if you are trying to get the best sport trophies to distribute to the winners, then you can try to get some ideas from the already existing cups and can personally create a design of your choice. It is always recommended to create a trophy with a meaning of its own. It must help in highlighting the power of winner in every sense.

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