New to Snapchat? These Tips and Tricks Will Help You Out

New to Snapchat These Tips and Tricks Will Help You Out

Everyone is well aware of Snapchat. Created in 2011 as an iOS app and later an Android app, it is famous among people of all ages. It is a quite simple application designed for multimedia messaging.

As the name defines, it allows you to send snaps anytime, anywhere. For those who are new to Snapchat, it has the main feature. The snaps and messages are available only for a limited time.

After that, they become inaccessible. For those using it for the very first time, here are some tips and tricks to provide a quick guide.

Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia Messaging

The core functionality of this app is to allow the user to send multimedia messages. These messages can be pictures, videos, etc.

There are many filters to add from. Also, voice filters and text options, color pallets and much more.

Terminologies & Functionalities

If you are new to Snapchat, you might want to get familiar with some basic terms that are in and for this app.

1- Filters

As it has a wide range of filters to double the fun. Snapchat filters are the special effects to add up on the snaps. These may vary according to occasions and special events.

2- Lenses


The lenses add animated effects to the snaps or videos. These lenses can be used when you are taking snaps, whereas filters are only for later.

3- Snap Score

As the name implies, this is the score on Snapchat. Now whenever you send or receive a snap, it adds up to the score.

It does not add up by chats but snaps only. In other words, it gives you the measure of total snaps you sent and received

4- Snapstreak


Another main term and feature of Snapchat is the streak. When there is an exchange of snaps between users for at least 3 days, then they start a streak.

With the streak started, there are exclusive emojis and stickers available. There appears special emojis with the names of your partners.

It also displays the number of days for which you have maintained the streak. It somehow adds to the snap score too.

5- Snap Map

It is a map to show your location. By enabling it, your friends will see your location and you can see theirs too.

But for those who like to keep the privacy, they can turn on the ghost mode. BY turning it on, none of your friends will be able to see your location yet you can see theirs.

6- Snap Story

Snap story are memories (pictures and videos), uploaded and seen by friends. These are available for 24 hours only.

These can be either viewed by friends only or by everyone. It all depends on the user, to whom he/she wants to show the story.


Snapchat gives a specific QR code when you sign up. By the help of this code, you can add your friends by scanning their code.

8- Discover


The feature of discover allows you to reach out to the world. You can subscribe celebs, news channels, and anyone and sees what they are up to.

These stories have a swipe up option so that you can learn more about it. It keeps you updated on what is happening in the world.

9- Share Stories

The snap stories are not only shared on Snapchat and with snap contacts. It gives you the feature to share your snaps or memories outside Snapchat.

Now you can send the cute filtered pics to anyone, either they have a Snapchat account or not.

10- Bitmoji


Bitmoji is a Bitstrips brand. It was at first known to create the comic version of yourself. Now bitmojis are an important part of Snapchat.

The cartoon avatar of yourself adds up to the fun. You can send stickers of your bitmoji or gifs. The latest update has allowed them to be 3-D.


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