How Smoking Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

Does smoking causes alzheimer's disease

Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It hasn’t just killed people, it also burned houses. Cigarettes can burn a whole building when left unattended. It brings many patients to hospitals around the world each year due to heart attacks and other severe health problems. The secondhand smoke it produces can also cause psychosis and sudden infant death syndrome, making the few kids who avoid sudden infant death syndrome susceptible to heart disease when they grow up. If you are an elderly person, you must avoid smoking more than anybody else.

Its Toxins Enter Your Bloodstream

When you light your cigarette, it creates a combustion that contains numerous toxins. When you inhale the smoke, you inhale the toxins with it. These toxins pass through your airways and reach your lungs. On your first cigarette, the natural cleaning qualities of your body dispose of all the toxins. The nicotine in cigarettes causes dependence, though. Once you smoke additional cigarettes, your body will no longer be able to clean away such huge amounts of toxins. The toxins will stay in your lungs, damaging them and seeping through them to get into your bloodstream.

The Toxins Get to Your Brain

Your blood reaches almost every area of your body. Once the toxins are in your blood, they can go anywhere in your body. They can reach your cranium. As you continue to smoke, more toxins will make it to your cranium. Soon, they will break the natural partition between your brain and your body. Together with chemicals that can inflame the brain, the toxins will reach your brain to mess it up. Your brain will be damaged, and this is the beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease. More and more of your brain tissue will die, making you more forgetful each day.

Quit Quickly Through E-cigarettes

Alzheimer’s Disease progresses quickly. In fact, clinical tests that are conducted to give scientists a much clearer understanding of how smoking helps the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease tend to fail because the patients involved are either too forgetful to cooperate or die before the tests are finished. You must quit smoking while you still remember what was written in the paragraph before this. The fastest way to quit smoking is by switching to e-cigarettes. If you want your e-cigarettes to be almost the same as real cigarettes, you can use tobacco vape juice. E-cigarettes have saved many lives of smokers around the world.

Quit Through Music

Other than smoking, they say one of the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease is the lack of brain activity. One way to increase brain activity is to always learn new things, like studying how to use a musical instrument. Did you know that learning to use a new musical instrument is also one of the tricks to quit smoking? It can distract you from your cravings and keep your mind occupied enough to not think of smoking. Music can also appease the mind and help you cope with your situation. Music and the human brain have extremely close affiliations.

Quit Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It used to be an ancient practice that was done in connection to religion. Now, it is being practiced by moderns in connection to health. Some people believe mindfulness is all about sitting and doing nothing. Mindfulness does involve sitting and not doing anything else, but it’s mostly about deep breathing and concentration. Mindfulness has been proved by scientists to improve several diseases like diabetes and depression, and also injuries. It is one of the top ways to quit smoking because it strengthens self-control and makes you feel at peace. Because it is proven to physically improve the brain, it can also help you avoid the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

More About Alzheimer’s Cause

Do not believe the articles on the internet and other articles that say smoking helps improve Alzheimer’s Disease. Tobacco companies sponsored the research that produced the results in those articles, so the scientists who created the research were compelled by the tobacco companies to promote tobacco. Tobacco companies have destroyed the research articles that say smoking can cause Alzheimer’s Disease, but those articles were so numerous, that some of them remained.


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