Key Sales Strategies for December 2019

Key Sales Strategies

With the advent of December, the year comes to an end. It’s also the end of the year for some companies and salespersons would be frantically trying to achieve their Sales Strategies targets.

For others, Key Sales Strategies for December 2019 would be the end of the quarter and again achieving targets would be the priority. December is also the holiday season where people are likely to spend more and this is the time where a lot of holiday sales happens.

This is another opportunity for salespersons to close their Sales Strategies easily and bring in revenue and achieve targets. Let’s look at the sales strategy that companies can use to achieve their targets at the year-end and help their companies rake in revenue.

1. Start planning early

Start planning early

Don’t wait till you see December on the calendar. Start early and make your plan of action for the end of year and holiday season. Decide what strategies you want to use to attract customers and increase sales. Plan for holiday offers that could be used to bring in more sales. Plan for all this early.

Start preferably in October so you have plenty of time. One more thing to do is to ensure that your logistics department would have sufficient inventory to fulfill all the orders.

2. Offer deals to close the sales

The end of the year would see businesses trying to clear their inventory. Add to this, the holiday season where customers are ready to buy. So make sure you are ready with promotional offers and deals to bring in sales.

Discounts, incentives, gift offers – if all these are planned well, you can easily exceed the target during the peak year-end holiday season. It's also the time when you can come out with new offerings and its acceptance in the market would be high.

3. Engage with the customers

Engage with the customers and reach out to them. Thanks to the holidays, meeting customers at their homes may be easier. So use this chance to meet maximum customers and you can make use of your selling skills to persuade them to buy your products or services.

Make sure you meet all those prospects whom you couldn’t convert all these days. This is the best time to achieve results. Reach out also to your regular and loyal customers. The holiday season is when you can give them special offers to thank them for their loyalty. This is a sure strategy to get in new business and you can also achieve targets easily in the process.

4. Use email and social media

Use email and social media

Make sure you send the end of year emails to follow-up on old prospects and also reach out to new ones. This is a good time for email campaigns. But you must keep in mind that even your competitors are doing the same. So the message you are conveying must be unique and different so you can win over the customer.

Don’t forget that this time of the year is when customers are also ready to spend money. So, aggressively send emails and revisit all your old prospects. You have a great chance of conversion at the end of the year than any other time.

Also, make use of social media to interact with customers. This is the time when customers may visit your website or social media pages. So, make sure you don’t miss a chance to interact with them.

5. Tell them they will never get this offer again

The year-end is when the best offer is given to customers. Most businesses may revise their prices from the beginning of the New Year. So use this strategy to close sales. Tell your customers that they would get the best price and deals at this time and if they missed it now, they will never get it again.

Highlight the fact a New Year would mean new prices. This is a good strategy that can be used to convince customers to buy. You have to keep in mind, that this is the time when customers are ready to buy, so they just need an extra stimulus to buy. A good offer coupled with a prediction of an increase in prices could be that stimulus which will make the customer buy.

6. Use metrics

Use metrics

As always, metrics gives you data and analysis, which tells you what is happening. The holiday season is when you need it badly as you would be putting in more effort to achieve sales. This is the time when you need data on your fingertip. Making use of CRM tool will help you track all your prospects easily and you can use the metrics to work in a more effective way.

In case your company does not have a software, you can make use of various free CRM utilities available online to do the same work.

The end of the year is a very good time to achieve all your targets. The holiday season is when customers would be ready to spend money to buy. By effectively planning and implementing a focused sales strategy, companies can easily increase their sales and bring in revenue.



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