Things You Should Know About RED Hydrogen One Holographic Smartphone


When we thought that in the mobile sector everything was practically seen, professional film camera manufacturer RED has presented a smartphone out of the conventional: in fact, RED Hydrogen One is the first holographic phone and its price will not leave anyone indifferent $ 1,200.

So far, the information is scarce although RED has given in a statement some details of the Hydrogen One: a “professional holographic display” of 5.7 inches capable of displaying 2D and 3D, as well as “holographic content of 4 visualisations”. The latter has not been explained, but The Verge points out that it could be similar to what Nintendo 3DS uses.

RED also says the smartphone will include something called the “H3O algorithm,” which will turn stereo sound into “multidimensional expansive audio” that will simulate a 5.1 surround sound experience through a pair of headphones.

The smartphone will work with an Android operating system. It can also be used as an external monitor and interface for certain models of the company’s own film cameras: Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon.

Hydrogen One will have two models: the aluminium version will cost $ 1,195 and the titanium $ 1,595. According to the company, the phone will be available in the first quarter of 2018, although it can already be preordered on its official site.

Features of RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One is the first foray into the mobile sector of the company RED, specialised in the manufacture of film cameras. What is this phone hiding?

According to-the-few features revealed a revolution. In it, you can view 2D and 3D images without the need for extra glasses thanks to its holographic display. On the 5.7-inch screen, you can also see four-angle holographic content. Thanks to a nanotechnology, 2D alternates to holographic mode, but RED has not explained how it will.

The RED will be multi-view (4-view) versus 2-view stereoscopic 3D. Your screen different from some of the proposals on the market like Amazon 3D Fire or LG Optimus will not be lenticular. According to RED, the lenticular screens drastically reduces the resolution, it can’t be deactivated for the standard 2D content and in addition, it only works in one direction (usually in landscape), besides presenting some color crosstalk.

The smartphone will feature Android as the operating system and the exclusive algorithm of RED, H30, that will transform stereo sound into multidimensional expansive surround audio without the need for headphones.

In addition, according to the only photo published, the phone would have a USB-C port.


If twelve years ago RED burst onto the market surprising everyone with its RED One, a digital cinematography camera that marked a before and after in the industry despite the incredulity of many at first, now is ready to surprise in the Smartphone market.

At the moment no technical details are known, so everything is left in quite high declarations of intent, it will be necessary to see if they can offer something really new and worthwhile, and do not remain in a simple anecdote. That if, a best seller insurance will not be, as its price would start at 1195 Dollars for a version of Aluminium, and if you want the one of the Titanium this amounts to 1595 Dollars. It can be booked on the RED website and will be delivered at the beginning of 2018.



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