5 Driving Habits You Can Adopt to Prolong Your Vehicle’s life


How important your car is to you? Some consider it as the meaning of their lives, while others use it like a brat with a toy.

The condition of your car speaks volumes about your stand on the above question, so if you consider yourself among the former community of car enthusiasts, then make sure your vehicle looks young and vibrant over the years.

Follow to Prolong Your Vehicle’s Life

The following are some suggestions that can help you to keep your car in a perfect condition at all times:

1- Don’t rev up your engine while in a static position

When your car is not moving, make sure you don’t apply any pressure on the accelerator because by revving up your engine, you not only burn gas unnecessarily, but also cause your engine to wear out prematurely. If this activity is repeatedly practised, then your car might break down completely.

2- Don’t rest your hand on the gear knob

Do you know what happens when you rest your hand on the gear knob while driving your car? The weight of your hand puts pressure on the gears inside the mechanism, wearing them out quickly. You can rest your hand on the handbrake or the steering wheel, instead of the gear knob. It might not seem like a big thing, but it really paces up the gears’ damage in the mechanism.

3- Don’t rest your foot on the clutch pedal

Where do you rest your feet while driving on a traffic-free road? One on the accelerator and the other on? If your answer to this question is the clutch pedal, then you are making a huge mistake, my friend. When you rest your foot on the clutch pedal, and even though, you think you are not putting any pressure on it, the weight of your foot automatically puts pressure on it. The following are the consequences:

  • It consumes more gas
  • It burns the clutch plate
  • It messes up the speed
  • It burns up the engine oil

Rest your foot on the side of the pedal to make sure your vehicle does not fall victim to these consequences.

4- Don’t brake unnecessarily

When to apply the brakes? It is the most common question that people have, with no right answer it seems. The things that you should take care of are that you should not apply the brakes unnecessarily or at the end moment because the former wears out the tyres entirely, while the latter messes up the momentum of the car, which causes the passengers to feel a dangerous jerk, and the vehicles behind you might also smash into the car. When you press the clutch pedal and the brakes at the same time, it puts extra pressure on the brake pads because the vehicle tends to move freely with a depressed clutch.

5- Don’t drive fast on uneven surfaces

Everyone loves to drive fast, right? But do you drive fast on uneven surfaces as well? If yes, then don’t. When you drive your car on uneven surfaces, it wrecks up your wheel alignment completely. If the wheel alignment is all messed up, it pulls the vehicle to either side; wearing out the tires of the vehicle sooner than expected. It is not only expensive and car-wrecking, but also extremely dangerous because it might get out of control and result in an accident.

Seek expert assistance from Vardens to Maintain the condition of your car over the years to make sure it looks and runs like a brand new model. Don’t let age reflect on your dream car!


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