Outfit Ideas: When You Hate Everything, You Own


No matter how much we keep filling up our wardrobes, there’s always something that is just missing. There are days where none of the contents of the wardrobe works. And many a time, it is very boring to wear the same outfits.

This is where some unique outfit ideas help out to create novel outfits by combining what already exists in the wardrobe. In this article, we shall look into some Outfit Ideas to experiment when you hate everything you own.

#1 Maxi Dress with Blazers

This one is one of the perfect outfits for work. Blazers add to the formality of your work outfit. Maxi Dresses go well with blazers. Walk with your head high into your office.

#2 Bold Colours

Who told it’s a rule not to wear bright colors together? For a change, mix those eye-catching colors and designs which people can’t even think of and show off your design tastes. If you want to match colors, studies have shown that they just need to match moderately to create an impression. (NCBI)

#3 Black Jeans, Denim Jackets with Booties

This classic black-blue combination works out very well. It gives a classy look with cool sunglasses on. Try this out when you are too bored.

#4 Bodybuilding casual wear

If you work out really hard and have a body or figure to show off, this one's for you. You can wear your bodybuilding workout clothes just like a casual dress. This has two advantages – first, it fits tight, thus showing off your shape and second, it absorbs sweat, keeping you dry, even if you have a very tedious day.

#5 Same colored top and bottom

Everyone prefers tops and bottoms of different colors. They fear that the same colored clothes look awkward, but those who have tried it out will definitely agree that it isn’t as bad as it seems to be. Try this out and without doubt, you will love it!!

#6 Jeans, heels and Tees

This is probably the easiest and the most pocket-friendly combination to try. If you have a big collection of different kinds of outfits in your wardrobe, then all these items are a must possess. Just put on any one of each of the jeans, T-shirts, and heels that you have. This gives you a stylish look. Don’t forget those sunglasses.

#7 Sweater with Dress

If the weather is too cold, this one will help. You can ‘top-up’ your favorite dress with a sweater. This gives you a stylish look and at the same time keep you warm. Here are a few tips on this:
1. You can have an Urban College Style with a short polka dress, boots, opaque tights and a 90o’s sweater over. A small shoulder bags should complete your attire.

2. A short jacket in thick weave adds to your casual clothing while keeping you warm.

3. A short floral dress with booties and white knitted sweater will make you look stylish in the cold. Just make sure you don’t overdo the designs. Keeping it simple is sufficient to keep it stylish.

#8 Trench coat over a Shirt

Is it that the trench coat that breaks the monotonous design of the striped shirt or is it the other way round? Anyways, this makes the best combination if you are a college student or just going out shopping. This combination, along with a distressed jean completes the picture. And one more thing– Never estimate the power of a trench coat. It has the power to make anything stylish.

#9 Layered Design with a Denim Skirt

This design is very flexible and fits to all the seasons with slight modifications. For a cool summer night, just tuck a sweater in a denim skirt. In Fall, a simple addition of coat makes it a very easy recombination.

Here are a few tips to refresh your wardrobe with Denim skirts:
1. A classic jean jacket on a flirty dress and heels for a date night makes it super-hot and perfect for the occasion.
2. A denim vest comes handy when it’s too hot outside to wear a jacket. Wear it over an off-shoulder jacket or a high neck top.

#10 Crop Top with Printed Skirt

This takes your office wear to the weekend mode. Wear a midi skirt along with a plain crop top. This especially helps when you have a sudden weekend plan and you are rushing to be a part of it. This gives a quick stylish touch to your office wear.

Give full power to your creativity and never let anyone put your spirits down. Experiment what you feel takes you out of boredom. If you feel it’s good, everyone will like it.

So, here we end this list of Outfit ideas to try out when you hate everything that you own. This is not all. The list is actually endless and you can also come up with your own designs and ideas. Give your creativity a full boost and leave the onlookers stunned as you walk through the street. Happy Styling!!

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