Organic Baby Skincare and Why You’ll Love It


“Soft as a baby’s bottom” may be a common saying, but it would be false to say that a baby’s perfect skin just naturally stays that way. Dryness, rashes, and are all common newborn complaints.

Infants require a thorough skincare regimen involving the best products. Which of the many options available out there is “best”, though? Which ones should a parent choose?

Organic baby skincare products are not only the safest but also the most enjoyable to use. We’ll detail four reasons why in this post.

  • They Capitalize on Nature’s Gifts

 Substances found in nature are often more effective, aromatic, and pleasurable to use than their synthetic counterparts. Modern manufacturers have a tendency to pump skincare products full of effective but toxic (especially to a sensitive newborn) chemicals such as formaldehyde, fragrances, and parabens.

This is completely unnecessary, as there are substances in nature that achieve similar effects: zinc oxide repels the sun’s rays harmlessly; lavender and chamomile essential oils are fragrant and calming; shea butter offers rich and lasting moisture.

  • More Environmentally Sustainable

 Organic farming creates less soil and water pollution, foregoes pesticides, and increases biodiversity. It creates less of a negative impact on the environment than conventional farming does.

When raising tomorrow’s generation, sustainable choices should be at the forefront of your mind. You want your child to inherit a beautiful, clean world with plentiful resources. Organic skincare products are just one small step to take in that direction.

  • Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic

 Newborn skin is much thinner than adult skin and will absorb substances on the surface into the bloodstream at a much faster rate. Synthetic chemicals can easily cause adverse effects such as rashes, allergic reactions, and even breathing problems.

Though some synthetic products claim to be “non-toxic,” there is actually little regulation to define what that label actually means. On the other hand, organic certification is regulated by the USDA.

Unless your baby has a specific allergy to one of the natural ingredients found in an organic skincare product, adverse reactions are unlikely.

  • They Can Be Shared with Grown-Ups

 Because organic baby skincare products are formulated with safe and effective natural ingredients, parents can generally use them and reap the same skincare benefits. Baby’s lip balm, sunscreen, and body lotions will also work for their parents.

You’ll get to keep fewer bottles of stuff in your bathroom (or purse) when you share. You’ll never panic at the beach because you forgot your sunscreen or your baby’s at home, either, because you’ll both be using the same one.

Few synthetic baby products are strong enough for adult use, but organic baby products often are! Organic ingredients are the ingredients of the future – that is if health and sustainability are what we want from our future.

That being said, we get that it can be a difficult commitment to make. Would you spring for organic skincare products on your newborn baby? Share in the comments below.


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