Office Design Trends and Ideas for 2019


The design and build of offices can make or break the experience of employees. This is evident in the rising office design trends of 2019. Each one aims to address specific concerns and promote well-being among employees. Each one aims to ensure that employees are having a productive time in the office without having to compromise their health and morale.

If you’re building a new office this year or just thinking of redesigning an existing office, the following office design trends can serve as a guide in designing an inclusive and dynamic office space.

Experience-Driven Spaces

This year, offices shouldn’t just look at how employees perform in their given role, but also at their experience at work. Through designing workplaces by using the concept of experience-driven spaces, the emphasis on how the staff can be comfortable at work is addressed.

Experience-driven spaces are not just about providing great amenities in a workspace. It’s also about focusing on user-centric design that promotes the well-being and morale of the employees. Features of experience-driven spaces include game rooms, meditation areas, massage chairs, yoga studios, and the likes.

Smart office furniture

Times are changing and the world is growing more digital every year. Offices should adapt well to these digital transformations, and one way to do that is by incorporating “smart” office furniture in the workplace. Smart office furniture can help the productivity and efficiency of employees through its various features.

There are smart office desks that can be controlled and programmed to adjust its height throughout the day so employees will be reminded not to spend too many hours sitting down. The use of cables and wires can also be reduced with the help of tables that can automatically recharge phones just by placing the phone on top of it. Make use of virtual assistant devices that can boost office productivity.

Before buying new office furniture this year, consider multi-functional pieces that can be beneficial to the employees.

Accessibility Improvements

Make your office space more inclusive for people with disabilities. While commercial establishments and retail spaces emphasize on this, office spaces need a lot of catching up in this initiative.

Provide speech recognition and assistive listening devices for employees who need it and add screen reader software and Braille displays for those who are vision impaired. Create a workplace that’s disable-friendly to accommodate more employees who are talented but lack support from a lot of corporate offices.

Other ways to improve accessibility and inclusiveness in offices include accessible washrooms, ramps to enter buildings, adjustable desks, and wheelchair accessible doorways.

Second Nature

The Second Nature concept in office interior design trends refers to the use of Biophilic design or the use of interior greenery. It’s about incorporating the use of plants to liven up office spaces, adding a touch of nature in the traditional and monotonous image of office life.

The Biophilic design trend sees the use of plants or greenery as something necessary, the way windows and stairs are viewed when designing office spaces. The philosophy behind the trend is to allow office employees to feel connected with nature, despite being cramped in a small room eight hours every day. Employees spend so much time indoors that connecting to the natural world is becoming a luxury, and Biophilia means to address this.

Incorporate Biophilic designs by having living green walls, using natural materials such as wood and stone, and scattering potted plants throughout the office.

The office design trends for 2019 emphasizes on the employees’ well-being, productivity, and efficiency. While this may be time-consuming and even expensive, the overall result can end up surprising you.


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