List of National Calendar Holidays Celebrated in USA

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You may wonder what national holiday is today as there are a number of world holidays. Many online sources share a list of national days or inform if the day is a national day of calendar. In America, many days are marked on the national calendar. Take a look at some examples!

List of Holidays Celebrated in the USA


What holidays are in February? There is quite a few for February!

First, Groundhog Day is on the 2nd. It is celebrated mainly for fun in determining when spring will come, traditionally based on a groundhog’s response to seeing its shadow. If it is frightened by it, retreating into its hole, it is believed that there will be winter for another 6 weeks.

Super Bowl Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday. It pertains to American football championships. Citizens usually host parties or go out to watch the game. During it, commercials made to be even more witty than unusual are broadcasted. The commercial broadcasts are just as popular as the Super Bowl itself.

what holidays are in februaryValentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th and is a romantic holiday. People present gifts to their someone special, such as chocolate or flowers, to show their affection or love for them. Many couples go out on dates together. However, some people do give their parents or children gifts too; just to show their love and appreciation for them.


For the national days calendar, what holidays are in March?

what holiday is in marchSt. Patrick’s Day is one of the popular holidays in March that is celebrated on the 17th. The day originally celebrated the marking of Saint Patrick and Christianity arriving in Ireland. However, it is mostly known as a partying holiday. Americans traditionally wear something green and pinch those who do not. Partiers go to Irish pubs and enjoy drinking activities.

Easter is sometimes celebrated in March. The date and if it is celebrated during this month varies based on the moon and spring equinox. This holiday is centered on Christian beliefs. Many families typically go to church. Or, the holiday is associated with an imaginary Easter bunny that brings candy baskets. Commonly, people color eggs and have Easter egg hunts.


I know you are wondering what holidays are in April then?

April Fool’s Day is marked on the 1st and is celebrated by playing tricks and pranks that are revealed by declaring “April Fools”.

Earth Day is on the 22nd and Americans celebrate it by cleaning neighborhoods, parks, and roads of discarded trash.


What holiday is in September that is a national day of calendar?

what holiday is in septemberThe main holiday celebrated in September is Labor Day which is the first Monday of the month. It symbolizes the ending of summer and recognizes the achievements of American workers through the country’s history. Many families commonly celebrate by hosting barbecues and backyard parties.

A Celebration of Holidays

The national calendar for Americans is filled with wonderful and interesting celebrations! Holidays are usually meant to remind people to be happy, enjoy your life and live a little more than the average day and of course be thankful. So celebrate!


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