Most Common Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions

Common Problems with Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants and young children. According to the MaxCure Suyosha Best Paediatrics Hospitals in India, explains breastfeeding reduces the frequency and severity of diarrhea, respiratory infections, septicemia, meningitis, and necrotizing enterocolitis. improve the development and awareness of the child.

However, some breastfeeding mothers may experience some problems such as pain, mastitis, breast tenderness. which makes it harder for mothers to breastfeed. Please see the mother’s problems when breastfeeding and solutions to reduce this situation offline.

Common Problems with Breastfeeding

  1. Nipple Pain

Sore nipples are not unusual phenomenon when mothers started breastfeeding or with the mother first. If the baby is not a television anymore, but she still feels pain lasts more than 1 minute, the mother should check back pain location.

Solution: The solution to this situation is to try to find a suitable breast-feeding position so that the baby’s mouth can be held in the bottom of the nipple rather than just the nipple. To change the position of your baby breastfeed, just place your thumb in your mouth so your baby releases his or her breast, or his or her mother can hold the baby’s chin and wait until the baby’s mouth is open to placing another mouth and mouth. The baby’s chin touches the mother’s breast and the lips open. Mother will not see any part of the nipple.

If positioned correctly, but she still feels pain, it may be teats dry. Mothers should wear loose, comfortable and hygienic than regular nipples clean.

  1. Nipple Cracked

There are many causes of nipple cracking such as fungus, dry skin, milk not properly … but the main cause is that the baby is not properly positioned. When a baby begins to learn how to breastfeed and the mother’s body starts lactating, the nipple may bleed. Licking the blood like milk will not harm your baby.

Solution: Check your baby’s sucking position, the bottom of the areola below the nipple must lie completely in the baby’s mouth. Also, try to breastfeed regularly and for a short time. If the child is not hungry, the suction will be lighter.

Also, at breastfeeding leave a little milk on the nipple until dry to heal the wound. If all the above solutions are not effective, you can use a little moisturizer and use a nipple when wearing a bra.

  1. Switch the Milk

Milk shedding is a condition where milk cannot escape. She will feel a hard lump in her chest and a few red spots and a chest pain. If your mother has a fever or if you have a lot of pain, see your doctor for more advice.

Solution: The best solution for fetal wheezing is that the mother should have adequate rest and more help from family members to take care of her baby. Mom can also use a warm towel to gently massage around the chest to stimulate milk flowing out. Breastfeeding makes the mother uncomfortable but will not affect the health of the baby because breast milk contains natural antibiotics.

  1. Stiff chest / too much milk

With breast milk, milk, too much milk will make it difficult for breastfeeding because the mother’s breast will be hard and inflated not fit the size of the mouth.

Solution: Massage the breast with your breast to soften the breast before breastfeeding. Also, the more you breastfeed, the more milk will be affected.

  1. Mastitis

Mastitis is a disease caused by bacterial colonization of the chest with flu-like symptoms such as fever, chest pain. This phenomenon is common in the few weeks after birth (and when weaned) due to skin cracking, milk congestion or diarrhea.

Solution: In this case, the only way is to treat the infection with antibiotics, heat and most importantly release the milk. Mothers should use their hands to soften the chest and soften the red bumps that will help mothers feel better and to breastfeed as usual to release milk.

  1. Oral fungal infection in children

Yeast infection in the baby’s mouth can cause a rash on the breast, which can cause itching, soreness and can lead to a rash. Therefore, your mother should see a specialist to get prescribed medication and the best solution. If the mother and child are not treated in time, the disease will overlap and difficult to treat.

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  1. Less milk

If your baby is low on milk, breastfeed more often and use his or her hand to massage the breast to increase breast milk. Breastfeeding is a process similar to supply – demand, the more the baby sucks, the mother will automatically. Add more milk. Mothers should drink plenty of water and eat healthy food, supplemented with nutrients and milk foods to help her mother increase the supply of milk for children.

  1. Sleeps when breastfeeding

In the first few months of sleep, the baby is very normal, not only that but also sleep while breastfeeding. So, when you see your baby start sucking light or dim eyes closed, slowly bring your mouth out of the nipple and mom can try to stimulate the baby by tickling, talking lightly, rub back You then move to the other side of the chest. Later in the baby will be awake longer so you do not need to worry much about this.

  1. Flat or convex nipples

Flat or convex nipples make it difficult to breastfeed but can be corrected by using a suction device to expel the milk before placing it in the baby’s mouth, and mothers can also use a breastfeeding nipple if the baby Difficult to put the mouth on the mother’s nipple.

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  1. Chest pain

Your breasts act like a machine – while breastfeeding, the rest will be stimulated to continue lactating. Sometimes it makes me feel pain and discomforts, especially for breastfeeding mothers, some mothers feel like a needle, feel pain.

Solution: If a mother feels like a prickle turned into a tingling sensation like something hit her chest, she should check for a fungal or bacterial infection. Usually, this is a phenomenon when the mother’s body is secreting too much milk try to breastfeed longer on one side of the chest and move when necessary.

The above are common problems when breastfeeding and solutions to overcome hope the above solutions will help mothers to overcome the breastfeeding problems of Simple, pleasant, comfortable and most sacred. Wish your family to be happy, healthy and do not forget to travel with to have more useful information for mom and baby offline!


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