Measures Protecting iPhone 5s Battery Drain

iphone 5s battery drain

Even after being the favorite of masses, iPhone is losing its worthy consumers because of its extensive battery drain problem. As per consumer’s point of view, iPhone keeps on dropping its battery even when no one is using the phone. “Why is my iPhone battery dying so quickly?” has now become quite a common question. Therefore, we have come up with some real reasons responsible for iPhone 5s battery drain and the ways to fix those causes:

  • Push Mail

iphone 5 battery drainPutting your mail over push means you are allowing your phone to be in constant connection with the email server and notify you as soon as the mail hits your inbox. But is it right? No, not at all, because this eventually leads to abrupt battery drain.

To save your phone from this problem, turn your iPhone mail settings from “push” to “fetch” with “every 15 minutes”. This would let your mobile phone check important mails after every 15 minutes in place of being in constant connection with the server. Mail fixation undoubtedly shows substantial improvement in the battery life and pleases the owner in an amazing manner.

  • Concealed Location Services

Location services is unquestionably the best feature of iPhone devices, therefore turning this amazing chunk off is not at all an elucidation. All you have to do is to restrict the number of programs or services assessing your location, ultimately leading to rapid battery drain. Therefore, turn off the tracking settings for the unnecessary apps and switch it on only for the programs you consider important while making adjustments of system services.

  • Diagnosis & Data Usage

This feature automatically sends data regarding your iPhone usage to Apple. This piece somewhat invades your privacy, hence it’s better to set it off by going into “settings” and then in the “privacy” section. Clicking upon “Diagnosis & Usage”, select “don’t send” to save your phone from quick battery drain.

  • Close all Unwanted Apps

Leaving your apps in the suspended mode just to enter in that sphere right from the point you left some time ago, is not at all a cool option. This undeniably saves your time from loading pages but leads to immense battery drainage in quite a shorter span of time.

To fix this problem, make a double click over the home button of your iPhone and turn them off by pushing towards the top of screen. This finally saves much battery and doesn’t delete any sort of important data.

  • Notifications

why is my iphone battery dying so quicklyMost of us usually keep the notifications upon an “OK” mode, which in the background allows the applications to remain active for pushing the notifications. This situation reduces the battery life, becoming a cause of fuss for the user. To get rid of this condition, go to “settings” and then to “notifications”, have a deeper look upon the app list and then set “off” or “on” as per your requirement as well as usage.

The adoption of above few steps could protect you from the phrase “iPhone battery dying quickly” and might stuff your existence with the expression, “what is a battery charge? I don’t know why people say iPhone battery dies quickly. I am quite satisfied with my iPhone’s battery life”.


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