Latest Disruptive Trends for Web and App Developers


The digital transformation has forced organizations to change their traditional models, migrating to fully connected and digitized systems. This phenomenon has also been a driving force for new forms of business. It is through the network and has consequently led to the exponential growth of sophisticated technologies.

This article aims to show various technological disruptive trends.

Data-based industry:

Transforming data into useful information for later exploitation translates into business intelligence and predictability. Companies have revolutionized the way of understanding data throughout the world, thanks to its star innovation. This platform has come to a lot of technologies that configure. That we can use for a lot of purposes such as exploitation and analytics of logs, business search solutions, analysis of large volumes of data, metrics, and analytics in real time, etc.

Digital platforms:

The new digital market forces us to redesign our processes to improve points of contact with the public, services and customer satisfaction. Digital platforms emerge to meet these current demands. Its integration thanks to its architecture of microservices and its tools for the creation of applications. All kinds like client apps, mobile apps, websites, portals, intranets, and etc., give it its deserved recognition among the multiple organizations that have this technology to undertake its digitalization. It is a platform that allows continuous interaction with the client, through any communication channel. This is what we call omnichannel. They also allow creating the user experience, whose mission is customer satisfaction.

Internet of things:

The internet of things refers to particular objects and virtual images on the Internet. That equipping all the things with machine-readable identifiers could noticeably change our lives.

These devices could be used in mining, health, or production. In terms of marketing, the progressive incorporation of this technology into our lives can make things change. The focus would be on designing digital marketing strategies that target not so much the people as the objects.

For example, if the refrigerator decides when to buy milk, it may be interesting to create marketing campaigns with bots that indicate the properties or simply to adopt the price depending on the available stock.

Cloud Computing:

The implementation of platforms provides tools for the creation of business applications and services in the cloud. This allows taking advantage of big data, mobility, social and cloud innovation. That offering high-value services, through the development of micro-services. It is equipped with tools that allow the rapid creation of business applications and a variety of services in the cloud. Cloud applications, central data stores, data management, analysis, deployment of massive web applications, are some of its features.

Artificial intelligence – Chatbots:

Chatbots are one of the most booming disruptive technologies of recent times. Have you ever thought that a cloud-based voice assistant was going to change the world? What do you think of Siri? Maybe you have already started using Sherpa on your Android device. Digital assistants are trying to achieve the same thing as chatbots that understand human language to improve the user experience.

So, here are some Latest Disruptive Trends for Mobile App Development.

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