Is Ketosis Safe and Does It Have Side Effects?

Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet is very popular among our generation. Yet some people might consider it a danger to their health.

But, there is a chance that they confused ketosis with ketoacidosis. However, these things are not the same.

Ketoacidosis is a severe condition caused due to unbalanced blood sugar levels. On the other hand, ketosis is known as the natural metabolic state of the body.

Both of these diets have major benefits for people aiming to lose some pounds.

A ketogenic diet involves supplements as Purefit Keto. This diet is also therapeutic in epilepsy and several other chronic conditions.

For most people, Ketosis is quite safe. But on the other hand, it may come with some side effects.

What Is Ketosis?

What Is Ketosis

A characteristic procedure occurring in our body is Ketosis. Once in a while, our body does not have enough carbs for use.

So in condition this way, our body will in general use fats as a fuel. It enables the body to work as required.

Is it supposed to be a good thing or a bad one?

That depends.

Is Ketogenic Diet Safe?

While having a balanced diet, the number of fats burned is all controlled by our body. So keeping in check that you don’t make or use ketones.

Now when you tend to lose weight and cut off the carbs intake, the body needs an alternative. Not only by reducing carbs, but your body also tends to produce ketones while you do some exercise or fast.

Most Common Side Effects of Ketosis

During this process, the body burns the ketones produces to gain required fuel. The carbs are not used as we don’t have any intake of them. This also affects the brain as it is unable to store glucose.

But, this doesn’t condition doesn’t appear at the instant step. So the brain and body need time to get habitual to fats rather than carbs.

As there are changes going on in our body, there might occur some side effects. But these only last for a short period.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Keto Flu

As you start this process, you will notice certain symptoms. These can vary depending on the body.

These symptoms are often known as Keto-flu or Low-carb flu. The names come due to symptoms like that of flu.

These may include:

  • Migraine
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Increased appetite
  • Lack of sleep
  • Nausea
  • Decreased physical performance

People stop continuing to follow a ketogenic diet. And this yields no benefits at all.

But, it’s a matter of a few days that Keto Flu disappears.

  1. Leg Muscles May Cramp

Some people experience leg cramps. Though these are quite minor issues, yet they are very unpleasant and painful too.

Leg cramps are one of the major issue people face. The reason is very simple; dehydration. Due to the lack of minerals, you may face this problem. Reducing the excess water level is a part of ketosis.

Glycogen is a type of glucose that is the reason for binding water. It occurs in the liver and some muscles.
This water level lowers due to less or no carbs intake. Hence that is why during the initial weeks, people lose sudden weight. Apart from this, there might be other major causes for the cramps.

  1. Elevated Heart Rate

Some people may experience increased heart rate as a side effect of ketosis.

This is also called heart palpitations or a racing heart. This condition is more likely to occur during the first few weeks of a ketogenic diet.

To stay dehydrated is a major reason.  Also, the low salt intake. Drinking a lot of coffee might also contribute to the side-effect.

If the problem doesn’t stop, you might need to maximize your carb intake.

  1. Ketosis May Cause Digestive Problems

Dietary is a major cause that leads to digestive issues.

Constipation is the most common side effect in the beginning.

This is due to not eating enough fiber and not drinking enough fluids such as water etc.

Some people may get diarrhea, but it’s not that common to occur.

If you made drastic changes to your diet to get into ketosis. Then it’s more likely that you’ll experience digestive symptoms.

Even so, digestive issues are usually over within a few weeks or so.


Ketosis is healthy and safe, but it isn’t suitable for everybody.

Being in ketosis has powerful benefits for certain people. This includes people with obesity or types 2 diabetes and children with epilepsy.

Although ketosis is generally healthy, you may experience a few side effects. But, these effects are temporary and should go away.

Ketosis has obvious benefits for some people, it is not for everyone.


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