How to Solve Kaspersky Database Update Issues


With some strong and unique features, Kaspersky becomes the most favoured anti-virus software. But sometimes it creates some issues while updating the database. If you encounter same issues, you don’t need to be worried. Mentioned below are some tips that you should follow if you want to fix Kaspersky database issues:

  • Make sure to verify your system update:

If the system date is later than the current date, the anti-virus program may react to the incorrect system date. When the application compares it with the date of the last update, a problem arises. Now days even several hours delay in anti-virus update creates issues. So make sure that you update your program on daily basis.

If there is no problem with the update process, then verify the system date. In the Windows System Tray, you can see the current date. But if the notification only shows time, open the calendar to set current date.

Most of the update issues are caused due to incorrect system date. If the lithium battery of the device’s motherboard is worn out, the system date will be reset when the device will be restarted. In order to avoid it, you should alter your battery.

  • Examine your proxy settings:

Misconfiguration of the proxy server can cause a problem in the system update. One symptom of the problem is that the update process suspends at 0-2%. You can search for the configuration in two places. First of all in the application, go to settings, then go to additional, then to network and finally go to the Proxy server settings. Check whether the configuration is up-to-date or not. On the other hand, you can also verify Internet Explorer settings.

  • Don’t forget to disable the battery savings:

Try to disable the option that is turned on by default. When your device is running on battery power the Battery Savings option prevents the application from downloading updates and performing a virus scan. If your device is not plugged in for sometimes, it may not get the latest virus updates. So, try to plug in your device or disable the Battery savings option so that the anti-virus may be updated whenever needed.

  • Examine the user account setting:

You can run update in the latest Kaspersky products on behalf of a specified user, even if the application protects a limited user account. In order to do that, go to Update Settings and choose whether to run the update tasks as the current user or different one. If the second option creates issues then provide the correct login and password of the preferred one, otherwise, go for the first option.

  • Make sure that you date the Auto-Renewal service(if any):

If you make any delay in validating or renewing a subscription license purchased from the internet provider, issues may arise in database update. In the lower right corner of the application’s main window, click the Manage Subscription link. Once the status update is done, you can wait for automatic database update or you can do it manually.

Even after following all the above-listed tips of you fee still confused, consult with the professionals of Kaspersky technical support phone number


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