How to Use Instagram Like a PRO?!

How to Use Instagram Like a PRO

In the era of social media, Instagram is a globally leading social media platform. The most important factor behind its popularity is the ease of use. If you are looking for a social network for photos Instagram will be the best choice.

In December 2014 it was recorded that it had monthly 300 million users active. In social media platforms, Instagram is the most versatile social media app.

It was very easy to gain Instagram followers in 2015 but the game has totally changed now. If you want to get Free Instagram Followers to click this link.

Here are some tricks and tips on How to Use Instagram Like a PRO.

Keep a check on what others are doing

How to Use Instagram Like a PRO

A communication strategy should be built. You should be different from others for that you should check from time to time what other users are up to.

Things you should look for can be the content they are publishing what type it is. How frequently do they post it.

Posting daily is suggested as it increases other user’s engagement with your content. By checking their content you may also get many ideas.

Look if Instagram is the main communication channel for them and the Number of followers and following they have.


Good looking display picture

Put your best picture on the display. As the first thing other users see in your account is the display picture.

Or if its food blog or art account put the most mouthwatering picture you got or the best art you made to date.

A good display ignites people’s curiosity in your account and you tend to get more followers. More the follower more the engagement of your account increases.

Use bio wisely

Bio is actually the most important feature. But sadly it the most underused feature too. You can write about yourself in the bio like your age, hobbies, education, job or likes and dislikes, etc.

Some people prefer writing quotes from their favorite authors. You might just write a joke or dialogue from a movie to grab other user’s attention.

If you have a business account or you have a website. You can put its link in the bio. Or wherever you want to take your followers you can just put the link in bio for people to see.

Best time for Instagram posting

How to Use Instagram Like a PRO

To post on Instagram during the day there are 3 best times. Firstly you can post early in the morning. The second best time is to post during lunchtime.

This is because most of the people use their social media apps while eating their lunch and doing some other lunch break stuff.

Lastly, you can post in the afternoon which is a time when most of the people open their Instagram account for entertainment in their leisure.

The most popular account posts twice a day on average. If you want to make your account active post more frequently.

Engage and Attract

Commenting on videos and photos, sending direct messages, following other users and liking other’s posts are some ways to engage with people on Instagram.

The right use of the hashtag is very important. Post stories now and then it might also help in attracting other users.

Wisely use the time you spent on social media if you use them frequently. Like other photos 50 to 100 of different accounts. I would suggest that number.

Because it makes other people attract more to your account. Click on the photo twice or just click on the heart below the photo.

Or you can click on the talking bubble and comment as simple as that.


If you are serious about using Instagram like a pro. Use it on a daily basis. It’s important to post consistently. Especially if you are using it as a marketing channel.

Most of the Instagram users had the best results by following these common practices. As it is mentioned above that day by day the competition is increasing. So don’t expect it to bear results overnight

For Instagramming that was my epic guide. Happy Instagramming to you folks.


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