How To Sneak Into Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

iPhone Hacking

Apple has continuously been upgrading the security level of its smartphones to let its user live as secure as they can. It started with Touch ID built into the iPhone 5S and continued with stronger encryption in latest iOS running devices. The six-digit passcode provides airtight security to the device even in case of loss or theft. The private data stored on the iPhone get automatically deleted after 10 wrong passcode attempts.

While these security features are a fortune for the iPhone users, these are more of a misadventure for concerned parents and skeptical spouse. It is almost impossible to hack into the iPhone of your teenagers and cheating husband. The only and effective solution to monitor the mobile phone activities of your loved ones is cell phone spy application. You can remotely read their messages, listen to their calls, track their locations, and read their emails. Whatsoever your spouse or children do on their expensive iPhones can be tracked with an inexpensive TheOneSpy iPhone Spy Software

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How To Track Someone Else’s iPhone

You need to download and install the spy app on the iPhone of your target or you can gift an iPhone to your husband or teen pre-installed with the spy app. The activities performed and data stored on the phone will automatically get uploaded to an online account. Log into that account providing the confidential username and password and you can watch out every activity of your target out there.

Read Messages and Record Calls

The iPhone monitoring app allows you to read the text messages of your target whether received or sent. All the incoming and outgoing messages and thread conversations remain stored on the online account even if the target deletes them from the phone.

Similar to messages, the inward and outward phone calls of target get automatically recorded. You can listen to these call recordings and download in different formats.

Messages and Call Logs

The message and call history provides you with the contact information of the person who has communicated with your children or spouse via messages or calls. You can also track the time of calls and messages and duration of calls.

Track GPS Location

You can know the whereabouts of your children and spouse tracking their iPhones. As well as the current location, the app shows you the previous locations as well. You can mark locations to get notified if your loved ones enter prohibited areas.

Record Surrounding Views and Sounds

If your teen is hanging out with his friends, you can watch out his activities and the fellows. The cell phone spy app allows you to remotely operate the cameras of the targeted iPhone to see what is happening around. You can capture photos or record short videos using the front and back camera of the iPhone. Also, you can send a command to the microphone of the targeted device to let you listen or record surrounding conversations and sounds.

Get into Photo Gallery

All the photos, videos, and audios stored on the targeted iPhone get uploaded on the online account. Similar to messages, all the media files remain stored on the account even if the target deletes them from the phone.

The iPhone spy app facilitates parents, spouses, and employers in many ways to monitor their children, significant other and employees. The spy app is also compatible with iPads and MAC computers.


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