How to read and edit a PDF file from your Android smartphone?


At a time of digital all and in a world where one uses more his smartphone than his computer, managing PDF files on his Android phone remains a problem for many people. How do I open an attachment in PDF format with my smartphone? How to find the files downloaded and especially, how to modify and sign from his smartphone? This is what we will see in this tutorial.

PDF files have become standard when it comes to sharing a document, whether it’s text, a scan, or a slide presentation. If Google Chrome on desktop is able to read them, it is not the case of the mobile application of the browser. Moreover, few manufacturers are thinking of installing a basic PDF reader on their phones, even though they sometimes include a file explorer. Thanks to Isabella Chris of Android e How who wrote many article on Android issue and provide its solutions, her famous Post was Best Android Root apps to get root you phone with or without PC (EASY HOW-TO GUIDE) in which she provide a very details step by step guide on android root, if you ever want to root your android phone you must her guide first.

Find a PDF file on your smartphone

Although it is possible to find his PDF files in the attachments of his emails, it quickly becomes a waste of time and efficiency, in addition to playing with our nerves. The easiest way is to use a file manager, such as the one proposed by Cheetah Mobile for example.

pdf editor

On the home page of the application, there is a tab “Doc” where are listed all your PDF files. If by chance they do not appear in the list, it is always possible to explore the internal memory of their smartphone by clicking on “Device”. Your PDF is most likely to be in the Downloads folder, otherwise the application will search your smartphone’s storage by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen.

Reading a PDF file of a few pages

The PDF reader is usually not installed by default on your phone, but the Google Drive application should normally be natively present. The latter has the advantage of integrating a minimalist but functional PDF file reader.

With Google Drive’s PDF reader, you can read a PDF, search the text of the file, and save the document to the cloud. Google also offers the Google PDF Viewer, which has little interest compared to Google Drive since it does not offer backup on the Drive. It is to wonder why the firm of Mountain View offers two applications so similar. 

Reading a scan of several tens of pages

Although the first method works very well with larger PDF files, it may be more comfortable to read them with an application like Adobe Acrobat Reader. This makes it easier to read, add bookmarks, highlight text, make notes, and more.

Many of its features require a subscription, but the most interesting ones are free. First, there is no longer a need to go through a file manager, all your PDF documents shows in the “My Documents” tab of the side menu.

Once a file is opened, you can easily navigate from one page to another using the cursor on the right of the screen. It can be used in two different ways. Either by dragging from top to bottom, or by tapping it to enter the desired page number. To avoid having to remember a page number, Adobe also proposes the addition of bookmarks – called bookmarks – in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

pdf editing

On a page you can highlight, highlight and bar text to highlight the parts we are interested in. It is also possible to add typed or handwritten notes to surround or annotate items for example.

Finally, Adobe Acrobat Reader integrates a scanning tool to scan your documents with the phone’s camera, as well as a PDF editing tool, useful for filling and signing forms, for example.

how to edit pdf in smartphone

Edit a PDF file

Exactly, this is the subject of this last part: how to edit a PDF file from its smartphone? This is the end of the time when, if only to sign a PDF and then send it back, we had to print it, sign it and scan it again. Solutions have now appeared both on the computer and on the mobile.

The best solution to this problem is Adobe Fill & Sign, available on its own, but integrated with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open your file with Reader, then in the side menu select “Fill and sign”, this will open the PDF document in the editing application.

To enter text over the PDF, simply type in where you want to write and enter your text. Please be aware that it is possible to register personal information such as name, surname, address, etc. Thanks to the icon in the form of a man at the top of the screen. This does not rewrite this information with each form fill.

pdf editing in smartphones

The icon next to the pen corresponds to the signature and initials menu. It is then possible to record this information in order to place its signature anywhere on the document thereafter. Finally, to check a box a simple tap on it allows to display a cross. Once your changes are complete, you can share the document using the sharing icon at the top of the screen.



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