How To Optimize Your Android Device Performance

How To Optimize Your Android Device Performance

Smartphones have been with us for a long time, it is not possible to imagine a life without it. It plays a vital role in our lives be it clicking pictures, sending emails or paying online bills we need them every time and everywhere.

As, Android is an open source platform it allows you to make n no of changes, download apps and other data from the internet. However, there are repercussions for the liberties as well. As too many things on phone could make your phone run slower than usual. So, optimizing your Android phone should be your priority.

So, learn here how to optimize your Android device performance to enhance your Android speed.

Keep Your Device Up-To-Date

It is always recommended to keep your device up-to-date. As with every update of the Android, comes improved features, higher performance, minor bugs fixes and more. Moreover, developers are working hard for better service to users.

Usually, default apps that come along with your phone often require frequent updates to work efficiently and smoothly. Moreover, keeping your smartphone and the installed applications timely updated can prevent your device from being sluggish.

Do Not Use Live Wallpapers

Do Not Use Live Wallpapers

Everybody prefers to look at a beautiful and cherry looking screen instead of dull and dreary wallpaper.  That’s the reason most of the people use third-party app or Android live wallpapers. However, using live wallpaper apps can drain your battery faster than usual. Because, when you access your device and activate home button, your downloaded live wallpaper app will be active and running in the background.

Unwanted Mobile Apps

Get Rid Of Unwanted Apps

We download plenty of apps to accomplish our work. But do you uninstall them once you’re done with them? Do you know keeping unwanted applications in your phone can slow down your phone’s performance? Because whatever you download on your device is not only runs in the background but also hogs a lot of storage space. When you have less storage space and have to run multiple applications together on your device, it can degrade its performance.

Moreover, uninstalling apps is a simple and straightforward process and after uninstalling unwanted app won’t drain your phone’s battery any longer.

How to Extend Mobile Battery Life

Extend Battery Life

Battery plays an essential role in the functioning of your device as your phone will be of no use without battery. Moreover, nothing damages your productivity like a dead battery because you won’t be able to save the work you have done so far. To avoid such situation, make sure your phone is always charged but do not overcharge it. You can also use portable charger or battery saver apps to deal with the situations, for an emergency.

Update Your Apps Regularly

Keeping your apps up-to-date not only gives a tougher security but also fixes the minor issues and bugs. Every update provides a better functionality.  Moreover, it also comes with other enhancements that improve your device speed as well. In other words, updating your apps regularly will keep your device secure from malicious security holes and bugs.

Frequently Optimize Your Device

No matter how carefully you’re using your device, you will always end up with no storage capacity and after a certain period of time, you will require some extra storage space. You need to optimize your device once in a three month. Delete unwanted apps, Junk files, cookies, redundant files, duplicate contacts, images, and music to free up some storage space. Moreover, deleting redundant files will not only create more space in your smartphone but also speed up Android device. You can use third-party software’s to enhance your smartphone’s speed.

Factory Reset

When you’re done with everything else than your last resort is to reset the setting of your device to default. Factory reset will effectively delete your entire settings, apps, and data that were earlier on the device. It is really useful when you can’t figure out the reason behind your phone’s slow and sluggish response. However, do not forget to take a backup of the stored data to make sure you won’t lose your vital information.

Now, you know how to optimize your Android performance and how to get smoother and faster to enhance your Android experience.

Author Bio: Apoorv bhatnagar is working at Systweak Software , as an SEO analyst and  technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC  tips , Android  and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Apoorv on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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