How do the kids get cavities in their teethes?

Cavities in Baby Teeth

A child’s tooth are more sensitive than a grown ups tooth and can much easily get infected. Children don’t pay the required attention to their teeth. You have to force them to brush and floss their tooth regularly and they still don’t do it properly. This leaves behind the food particles in their mouth and make them open to attack from bacteria. Baby teeth stays around for a while. Babies get their first tooth around 6 or 7 months, sometimes even around 12 months. The baby teeth keep coming till the age of three until they start getting their permanent teeth around the age of 6 or 7 which keep coming till the age of 12 or 13.

It is very difficult to understand the cavity build up in a kids tooth as they are unable to explain or even tell about their pain. That’s why its even more important that you take your child to visit the dentist every six months.

Why you should get the cavities filled in baby teeth:

  • Baby teeth help the children chew. At that age it is very important that they get proper nutrition and having cavities can have a negative impact on that.
  • Babies start speaking their first words around that time and the baby teeth help children form words and learn to speak properly.
  • Baby teeth also affect the shape and position of the permanent teeth. You have to take care of your child’s baby teeth if you want their permanent teeth to look good.
  • If the baby teeth are not corrected, it can lead to overbites and improper jaw structure.

How do the babies get cavities

Before you can start looking for the treatments, it is important that you look into the cause of the cavities and try to avoid such conditions for you kid.

  • Tooth decay isn’t a problem that affects only adults. Cavities are a common problem in kids, especially kids aged between 2- 11. Tooth decay occurs in toddlers when bacteria in the mouth starts to eat away the primary teeth. Not taking enough care of the teeth and not brushing properly are the primary reason for tooth decay among kids. Other factors that affect their teeth include:
  • Eating access sugary food items
  • Drinking carbonated drinks
  • Not getting enough nutrition in the body
  • Eating too much of junk food.

Kids who bottle feed in their childhood are also at a risk of cavities. The milk or juice from the bottle can sit in the mouth of the child and can cause a lot of harmful bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria attack the tooth and lead to tooth decay if left untreated. When the kids have not developed the teeth, even then their mouth is at risk. Bottle feeding leaves behind the bacteria in the mouth and can lead to gum infection, which can also affect in the growth of their teeth.

If your kid has got tooth decay, you must take him to the dentist and talk about the suggestive treatments. If it is detected early, it can be treated by taking good care of the teeth, proper brushing and flossing and by adding some minerals in the diet like vitamin C, A rich fruits and vegetables, calcium rich products that would make their teeth stronger and immune against the bacteria attack.

If, however, the condition is serious, then you must get the cavities filled, no matter what their age is. It is not harmful for their health and in fact would save them from more serious dental problems later in life.

Visit the best dental clinic and get the appointment for your child.


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