How A Better Pool Cue Can Affect Your Game


If you are reading this article then that would mean you already know what pool game is and how it’s played. Many people don’t really understand the game and there are also those people who play this game but aren’t good in it. The main reason of you not playing good enough in the pool is due to “pool cue which is very essential”. Here I will be guiding you on how your pool game can be changed just by having a better Snooker Cue. There are many things that you have to consider when you are looking for a pool cue. Down below I will be telling you what those things would be.

The Cue’s Weight Is Very Important

When selecting your pool cue, you should try and search for the cue which weighs around 17-19oz. If you are strong and big in mass and also have Arnold type muscles then more than 19oz of stick won’t be of a problem for you when playing the game with it as there are many players who play with more than 19oz of cues but majority wise speaking, 17-19oz of the stick is recommended. If your cue weighs more than 19oz then it will be extremely hard for you to hit the white ball precisely as you would have wanted.

There are also many required shots that you would have to play like stuns and screws which are very essential shots in the pool game. If your cue weighs less than 17oz, then there would also be many problems occurring like there could be too much acceleration and too much acceleration on the ball would mean control would be lost. So first check the weight of the cue when playing.

Which Cue’s Length Would Be Suitable For You

Which Cue's length would be suitable for you

The cue’s length is a disputed recommend which many people don’t really know about. The cue’s length is imperative for you because it tells us what length would be good for you which include the average distance between your bridge and your cueing hand. Those who are short height are mostly recommended to use long cues but it mostly depends on how you long stroke or short stroke in the game.

If you play by giving long back swings to the ball the long cue might be favorable for you. If you are really new to the game then most recommended cue for you would be 57.5″ in length. You should start from there and by knowing more about the cueing actions and the body form of playing the pool, you will get to know of what cue length would most suitable for your game.

The Tip Of The Cue Is Very Essential

As you know the tip of the cue has to be touched on the white ball, which means the tip of the cue should be considered a factor that has to be considered and looked at when you are using the cue.  A cue’s tip size should be between 9.5mm and 10.5mm in length. What I would recommend for you would be around 9.8mm. The tip size is important because it is the only thing which gets in contact with the cue ball in the pool. 9.8mm of the tip is endorsed because it works really well when you are carefully cueing at distance and also enough contact surfaces when you want to play close up shots like screws and stuns.

If you would use a 9.5mm of cue tip, then long distance potting would be difficult and unintentional side spins on the cue balls would occur when you are making the shot. That will make you miss the shot what you would intend to make. More than 10.5mm tip would result in you having a hard time making the precise screw and stun shots.

The Diameter Of Cue’s Butt

The Diameter Of Cue's Butt

This is the place of the pool’s cue that would grab on when making the shot. The standard butt size would be around 29.5mm. If you are a consistent player or not, it is always suggested for you to stay on the same butt size when you started playing because then you get comfortable with it and after getting comfortable with the cue, you would then be able to play with better and precise shots that you would have wanted.

Changing the butt size would greatly affect your posture and cue action within your game. If the butt size would be smaller, then your wrist would likely turn and flicked which would change the trajectory of your aim and you would likely miss your shot.


By reading this, I hope you have gotten more ideas about the game and how it can be greatly affected just because of the pool cue. Use this information and decide on what would be the best cue for you and improve your game by it. If you have any inquiries, please contact us and we will help you in the most efficient way as possible

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