The Facts About Figures The Hourglass Shape

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is one of the prominent and moves loved body figure type. For the reason that here we are going to tell you some of the interesting facts about this figure.

A curvy body type is all about having and acquiring an hourglass figure. Moreover, in this body figure, your bust and hip measurements are approximately and roughly even.

So, if you have a fuller bust, hips, and also fuller thighs, it means you have got this sexy body type.

All About Hourglass ShapeHourglass Shape

Almost every single women wish to have an Hourglass Figure. This is a kind of body figure which we commonly see on a large number of billboard ads, magazines flaunted by models.

Most of the well-known beauty icons like that of Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, and also Jennifer Lopez, they have this specific and sexy body shape.

Most importantly, this famous body shape involves having chiseled shoulders and shapely curves as well as a whittled looking waist.

You can achieve such a body figure without involving yourself in any kind of cosmetic surgical procedures. Go for intense exercise sessions and avoid using expensive shapewear.

You have to set some realistic expectations so that you can lose some inches right around your waist and at the same time tone strengthen your shoulders and hips.

How to Get an Hourglass Shape?Get an Hourglass Shape

If you wish to get an hourglass figure, then what you need to work out is to get a smaller waist and that factor should be balanced by a larger bust as well as curvier hips.

It all means that you have to focus on three specific target areas.

Most noteworthy, it is one at the same time that you have to tone your upper body, your waist and to your glutes, upper thighs, buttocks.

Ways to Style if You Have an Hourglass ShapeHourglass Shape

Those who have an hourglass shape, they should wear those dresses who can easily define their waistline.

Even more, wear those dresses which highlight your body shape in a sexy manner. If you have got curves, then embrace and show off them in a chic and sexy style. Wear and style body-hugging dresses.

What Kind of Tops to Wear if You Have got an Hourglass Shape?

hourglass shape

Just wear fitted tops! This is the golden and basic rule which you have to go for. Wear those tops which define your waist as well as highlight your neckline.

In addition to, you can wear form-fitting jersey knits, wrap tops or peplum blouses. You can go on to wear tailored tops and any sort of dress which comes with a V-neck, round neck or even a dress with a boat neck.

How Many Layers to Add if You Have an Hourglass Figure?

Thin layers should be added by you. Wear those jackets which show off your waist in a chic manner. You are free to wear some classic trench and fitted blazers.

You can too wear cropped silhouettes and any sort of bomber jackets. Put on such a jacket which comes with elastic waistbands. Lastly, avoid wearing any of the boxy styles. They will only make your curves look rough.

Accessorize Yourself a Lot

You might be wondering how accessorizing yourself can further enhance your hourglass figure? We will tell you. Such a body figure should be accompanied by skinny waist belts.

They are actually and commonly your best friend. Do wear necklaces; they will for sure look great and sexy on you. Carry purses and clutches to make your curves flowier.


Every body type is beautiful. One should not feel any complex with respect to her body type. Just flaunt your body no matter what type and figure it has! Besides, share with us what body type you have and how you carry it.

Sooner, we will further share more of the body figure facts with you so stay tuned and connected with us.


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