5 Things To Know Before Going To Marrakesh


There are a lot of places for you to travel but if you truly mean to enjoy your stay somewhere Marrakesh is best for you. Marrakesh is the city unlike any other city in the world you might visit.

The history and culture of this amazing city are blessed with beautiful architecture and bright colors. The smell the smoldering fries just give you a feeling that you have entered a whole new world.


The people of this beautiful city warmly welcome the new visitors but although still being a new visitor you should have some idea about the place and the people living there. In order to help you, I will be mentioning some of the tips that you should know before visiting to this city.


Marrakesh is a great place with overwhelming people but still being a new visitor you should know some of the tips before visiting.

The tips that I am going to mention in this article are the collective experience of different people. Make sure to understand it well it will help you in your journey.

1- Don’t Depend On Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

The first tip is that never blindly trust in the weather information providing apps that are installed on your mobile phone. They often don’t show genuine results.

According to the statement of the visitor, he said that his mobile app was showing a temperature of about 18 to 25 degrees still, fortunately, he took a jacket along his self and guess what there was freezing cold over there.

This is therefore recommended to pack some jackets before going as the weather forecasts does not show genuine results all the time.

2- Words Mean A Lot In Marrakesh


The other thing you should keep in mind before visiting Marrakesh is that words mean a lot there you should be very careful before making a promise to someone because they take it quite seriously.

I will tell one of the incidents of a traveler. According to the traveler who visits Marrakesh said that he went to a vendor to buy some fruits and promised to come back by tomorrow so he got a discount. He kept his words and went back to the same vendor on next day and was amazed to get a 20% discount on the same stuff he bought before.

He asked him that what the reason behind such discount is so the vendor replied that word mean a lot to them as many buyers promise and do not keep it. In addition, he said that you kept your promise and therefore I gave you a discount.

3- Learn To Argue With Taxi Drivers

You should be very careful before booking a taxi and should ask from the local peoples before booking one as many taxi scams are there especially most of the scamming happens at the airport.

The local rate from airport to medina is 50 to 70 dirhams but they ask for 350 dirhams and it’s such a huge difference. Don’t agree with them in such a big amount just argue and tell them that you are not visiting for the first time and know the local rates.

4- You Can Book Rooms In Cheap Amount

Book Rooms

A great benefit of visiting Marrakesh is that you could book a luxurious hotel room in a very cheap amount. According to one traveler, she booked a room at only 5$ per night and on arrival, they also welcome them quite warmly.

They offer them a cup of mint tea and also a plate of cookies. When she visited next with her husband she booked a luxurious raid in just 100$ per night. Thus you do not need to worry about spending money on stay.

5- Keep Cash Along with You


Under any circumstances at any day trips from Marrakech don’t forget to take cash along you as it is quite hard to cash the traveler cheques. There is only one person that exchanges the cheques. You can simply check out the amazing guide of traveling at LaceyBunny+ it will help you a lot in many different ways.

It is highly recommended to take some cash of the local currency as well as there will be then a problem to cash the cheques.


It is good to have some research about the place where you are planning to visit in short days either on vacations or for some job works.

In this article, some of the basic things you should know before visiting the Marrakesh has been mentioned read them carefully as it contains the collective views and experiences of different visitors. Hope it will help you.


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