Gents, Greet Your Testosterone’s New Best Friends & Worst Nightmares


Testosterone is the male sex hormone that not only affects the sex drive but is also a hormone that is responsible for muscle and bone health, hair growth and sperm production. As a person ages, they can lose their testosterone or even get chronic illnesses.

Hypogonadism, commonly known as low testosterone or low T is a common problem for ageing men. To avoid any health problems in the future, low T can often be medically treated. Along with a doctor’s recommendation, men can consider eating foods that are boosters for testosterones.

Two components are important to a man’s diet, zinc and Vitamin D. Instead of taking male natural pills like Prosource, OMGBrah or VigRx, the natural way is still the best way.

The Best Friend Group aka Testosterone-Boosting Food


Munching down some celery stick can do magics to the hormone levels. Celery contains powerful hormones androstenol and androstenone. Studies show that eating a small piece of celery or even just the smell of celery, can help in stimulating the man’s senses. It also triggers a man to start producing and releasing testosterone. Eating celery can help in enhancing a man’s T-levels and raising their energy levels.



Avena sativa or also famously known as wild oats and oats can help men in improving erectile function and increasing testosterone levels. People might not think of oatmeal as a food that can enhance male performance, but oatmeal contains arginine. It is an amino acid that helps men with erectile dysfunction.


Tuna is rich in Vitamin D that gives longer life and improves testosterone production. It is also a protein-rich, heart-friendly food that has low calories. Whether it is fresh or canned, eating tuna is a natural way of increasing testosterone. There are other fishy sources except for tuna, like sardines or salmon that can be great sources as well. Keep in mind that balance is the key. Eating too much omega-3 fatty acids can increase a man’s risk for prostate cancer.

Egg yolks


Egg yolks have a bad reputation because of cholesterol. However, egg yolks contain more nutrients compared to egg whites. Egg yolks are a high source of Vitamin D. The cholesterol that egg yolks contain is a big aid to low T. As long as there are no cholesterol issues, men can safely have an egg a day.


Zinc is an important nutrient during puberty. Its effect can keep the male hormones in check until adulthood. Men that have low testosterones can gain benefit from taking zinc. Oysters are the best source of zinc that can help relieve low T.

T’s Worst Nightmare aka Foods that Lowers Testosterone



People must be considering flaxseeds as a healthy food to consume every day. Flaxseeds are rich in fiber, consist of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and have a little bit of protein as well. All mentioned sounds like a good thing for the body. However, if a man’s goal is to raise their T level or avoid a decline then consuming flaxseed is a bad idea.

Flaxseeds are rich in lignans which raises the estrogen level in the body. Since estrogen is women’s sex hormones, T level can then be low.

Flaxseeds can be a girl’s best friend, but men must stay away from it because of its possible effects. Instead of eating flax seeds for omega-3, it is better to substitute it with fish oil or other foods that have similar benefits without affecting the T level.

Soy or Legumes

There is nothing to worry about having man boobs. It is normal to get such if there is a little amount of soy in a man’s diet. However, excess amounts of legume-derived products like tofu, soy sauce, and soy milk can have a great impact on a man’s sex drive. Too much soy can reduce the T levels in the blood and will also decrease a man’s love drive. Studies show that consuming 120 mg of soy a day can rapidly decrease the testosterone level.

Soft Drinks


If a man wants to keep their testosterone levels high, they should stay away from soft drinks. The problem with soda is that they contain sugar and empty calories, which can cause fat accumulation. As the body starts to excess fat, it can promote estrogenic effects, and it raises the estrogen level while the testosterone level is decreasing.

Beverages that contain a high amount of sugar especially fructose are dangerous to the testosterone level. Men should consider avoiding high-sugar drinks like flavored coffee beverages, fruit juices, artificial flavored tea and energy drinks.

High Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)

Most oils except palm, avocado, butter, coconut and olive oil can lower the T levels because they contain a high amount of PUFAs. The oils that are high in PUFA are sunflower, corn, soybean, cottonseed and canola. So men should avoid these foods.



Alcohol simply contains a horrible property that triggers the lowering of the testosterone level of men and also increases the estrogen level. And it has been stated earlier that estrogen is a woman’s friend not a man’s.


There are a lot of unnatural ways to increase the T-levels, but doing it in a natural way makes it healthy for the body as well. While man juggles about what’s healthy and not, they should first know the foods that are good and bad for them.

Knowing the food that can aid the male performance due to certain benefits is important. However, balance is still the key to being successful in achieving a healthy diet and high T-levels.


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