Focus On The Consumer Insights To Achieve Your Business Goals


As a producer and supplier of any product, your first-stop goal is to create an item that meets the requisite needs of the customers. The same product can take various forms too depending on the level of usage it is put into. For example, a single stitching needle has transformed into a pack of a different-sized needle set to a complete stitching toolset. The transformation has been mainly due to the effort made by a company to get to the roots of the consumer demands. The gross utility has made way for personalized utility and achieving one happy customer is worthier than more number of unhappy customers.

How can a company that can have customers from anywhere in the market domain and of any type precisely identify their requirements? How do they bring about the features desired by the mind of the customers? The ideas are given by a section that deals with one-to-one communication between the customers and the company like Zendesk; the customer query queue. In the hassle to convince hesitating customers and pacifying petty to serious product troubles, the executives might miss on the golden opportunity. If you read between the queries, relate them to the customer behavior and work to tweak your operation or product quality, you are acting right in the business.

How to search for the treasure in the ocean?

It is obvious chaos as to how and which data to extract and accommodate while you are
relentlessly working to sort out customer discomfort. Customer support work is a team and division of labor at the right hands is the initial building block. It all starts with understanding your product and company policies thoroughly. Only when a customer is able to correlate between the two, customer success can be achieved and for that, the executives should be guiding them. There are certain skills to be developed by a customer support team to unearth the treasure continuously coming their way.

1. Query database management

Almost all companies have designed dedicated software to manage the queries to aid the task of keeping up with the workload. The software should be compatible with the systems and tools you are handling and every team member gets trained to smoothly work on them. The database must be designed in a way to receive queries from all the sources and bring them in the notice of the team. When the members using the same share are simultaneously working on the same database, the software must be able to visibly update itself.

As each member views a query, make sure that none of the other members accidentally skips it. Let each other know what you are working on and at the end of the day, update the database by singling out your take on the consumer feedback and complaints. For example, queries come for a product that the company might no longer be producing. Can it find a new scope for an improved version of the product? Did you find a query for any of your products from a new market? the insight can be viewed as a prospect of opening a new market domain.

2. Members to work inclusively and exclusively

Emails, messages, calls, feedback form, online websites, social media, live chats, consumer
interaction platforms and so on! The channels through which consumer insights reach you have spread all around and retrieving them for a purpose has to be systematic. The first task will be to collect and sort them based on an initial single criterion. A solo member cannot jump from section to section handling bits and pieces of each channel even though multitasking is a skill to be appreciated. For instance, there will be a dedicated executive to handle live chats. Let him do his job, but at the same time put forth his discovery of insight within sight of the entire team. Is there a summary to be derived from each chat?

3. Learn to classify

Sorting emails and messages may be the easiest to do since you have automatic digital records, trails, and reminders. Expand the same technique to other sources too and flag them in different colors based on their significance. Imparting significance itself gives the executive an idea about the expectations of the consumer and the insight gains he can obtain. The classification to decide the emergency of action can be:

→ The chronological advantage of the early arrival

→ Emergency client situation

→ Ease of client location

→ The necessity of diversion to other departments

→ Critical technical data to be acquired

→ Series of actions to be followed

Every classification will lead you to strategies of achieving customer satisfaction as early as the introduction of the product. The early action results in reduced loads of emergency reaction and subsequent word of mouth negative reputation.

4. Give ears when consumers compare

Comparison of your products with rivals at the hands of the consumers may be jittery at first but is a way to reinvent your product. Explore why the consumer points out these drawbacks and whether any changes have to be made with immediate effect.

5. Give preference to the target customers

If your product is category-specific, is it attracting and engaging the target population? If children are the customers, the attractive package will lure them and safe ingredients will lure their parents. When you combine the affordable feature also to the package, customer satisfaction, and sales fortune are the end results.


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