Five Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Own

Five Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Own

The list of shoes multiples to a three digit number when it comes to women, however only five pairs of shoes every man needs in their wardrobe. This does not mean you are not advised to exceed the number if you have the capability and the capacity. But, if you are not a person who likes to spend too much on footwear, we suggest that you should have at least five pairs of shoes every man should own to cope up with every situation possible.

Unlike ladies who need pair of sandals, heels, stilettos, flip flops and what not in multiple colors to complement their different dresses, men on the other hand can have shoes in brown and black and they will go with any dress look.

Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes

For a healthy lifestyle, one needs to have an active schedule where they can at least take out an hour to go gyming or jogging. Your whole plan of working out might go down the drain if you do not have comfortable shoes. Athletic shoes are the key to happiness, which is why every man should invest in them. Buy at least one pair so your feet could thank you for forever.

Dress Shoes

Best Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are probably the most crucial pair of footwear that you must have no matter what. Many offices and agencies have set these rules where workers are allowed only to wear business suits and shoes. Even if you are not working in such organization, you still need to have a pair of dress shoes for occasions like business meetings, weddings, conferences, work place parties, etc.


Best Sneakers


Sneakers are another important pair of shoes that can have a man’s back during weekends. Of course, on a Saturday night out you cannot wear dress shoes. Whether you are going on a party, a casual hang out with friends or a road trip, you need cool sneakers to support your feet and keep you relax through and through.

Leather Boots

Best Leather Shoes

Now let’s turn to a pair that could befriend a man during unpredictable and adverse weather. Prefer having a pair of brown leather boots as the color can complement any type of dressing. You can also sport these boots with an elevated casual look.

Casual Office Shoes

best Casual Office Shoes

You can wear casual office shoes both formally and casually. Formally when your office dress code is not restricted to dress suits and shoes, and casually when you are out and about on a date or somewhere out with your family and friends.

Buying Shoes Within Budget

Most of the time, it happens that we don’t buy trendy shoes just because of the price tag. Designer shoes are available on many online and local shoe retailers like Famous Footwear, DSW etc. Have you ever wondered how you can buy designer shoes for less? Assuming you are going to buy shoes from Famous Footwear or DSW or etc. When you are at checkout, take a minute and look for the Famous Footwear coupons, Footlocker coupons.


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