Best Features of Actionetics for Clickfunnels

Actionetics 1
Actionetics 1

This article is all about Actionetics as we go further in our main cour let us discuss what Actionetics really is. If we just assume that there are a marketer and a customer.

The customer wants to buy something or just showing interest in a product.

This is where Actionetics can occur as the marketer can contact the customer with the help of Autoresponder and send messages with corresponding with the customer activities and action.

Just like if a person hit like on a product the autoresponder will send a message by telling more features of the product so the customer can get more attracted and can catch an eye on the product to buy. 

Actionetics is a Clickfunnels automation tool that has made easy for the marketer as well as for the customer to indulge in business.

In this Actionetics review, we will tell you how great this tool is how it works and most of all why this tool is different than the normal email automation tools.

As you can avail this tool by switching to Clickfunnels Enterprise program and will be very handy when you doing marketing of a product.

Best Features of Actionetics for Clickfunnels


What Is Actionetics?

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This tool is part of Clickfunnels automation system as this tool can be very handy when you are working with sales funnels.

As it can give you a whole new experience that a normal email can not give. This tool works like an autoresponder and can send messages of what the customer will be attracted or you can say its messages to the exact target of what the customer is really thinking.

It is a tool to bring the customer from where the customer left. Most probably customer comes back and then by the product that he left before. This tool is known as best for communicating with the customer as well.

Now we will go towards our main course that are the features of Actionetics.

Features Of Actionetics

As we will tell you all the inside features of Actionetics that will help you identify this tool and its features clearly. 

Contact Profile

When you hover your mouse to the dashboard this feature name Contact Profile will be first in the line of Actionetic features.

As this features talks about the user profile and all the subscribers’ name and profile who signed up to your funnels with their information and user profile as it indicates that they are interested in buying the product they were here to see the product only. 

You will also see some information and contacts of customer that surely made contact you with and the unsubscribers that unsubscribed you recently as well.

You will find an import contact option as well that will automatically transfer your customer contacts to the platform.

The best part is that you can see all the customers that purchased from you and their recent activities that they have done on your sales funnels. 

Email Lists

This feature is also in other email programs that will help you by specifying all the contacts of the customer from the list that contacted you and subscribed you.

It will also allow you to create and add new lists plus it comes with a grouping feature that can be made by tagging customers that you want to make into a group.

Another feature is a smart list that will automatically remove old subscribers with new ones by checking their filters or their contacts.

It will auto-respond to every customer that seek interest in the product and that makes this feature cooler. 


This feature is used when you want to send emails to more than one account at a time and the email that you want to send is the same email but you want to send to more than one people.

This feature is highly recommended when there is a crucial situation or you want to send a crucial email to all your customers.

You can make a list of who you want to send and who you do not want to send or you can easily send to all by Actionetics account.


We hope that you understood all the features Actionetics is providing you. You should start your business right now and start building your sales funnels.

These features are not all there are more so get investigating by your own self by signing in on Clickfunnels.


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