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A lot of exciting technology has recently emerged in the year 2018. From over the air charging to digital whiteboards, technology is receiving the opportunity to progression business industry and its related operations in order to increase their efficiency. Whereas, some of the technology is still being developed; they are scheduled for release and adoption in year 2018.


D-Link’s 802.11ax routers

802.11ax is yet another new standard in Wi-Fi development that is expected to speed up internet to approximately 10-times fasterthan the traditional Wi-Fi. A lot of employees in the offices are having a poor Wi-Fi connection.That being said, 802.11ax will not only rejuvenatethe internet connection, but will also save the device’s battery life. The mentioned technology is still not probable to get implemented till 2019, however, there are a lot of companies who have begun to release hardware devices that can easily support this specific new standard.

By using the new D-Link routers, people will beable to operate their business without any slowdowns or technical glitches. Their increased speed canalso improve the battery life of devices,as they are not working as much hard to receive and transmit data.Regardless of this thrilling new hardware and its exciting technology, it might take a few time for everything tobe applied. However, D-Link is likely to release their new two router models in the mid of2018.

Ossia Cota Over-the-air charging

2018 is the year of wireless charging pads.However, technology like over-the-air charging is far more concrete and exciting technology for consumers. That said, Ossiahas revealed a new over-the-air charging solution ‘Cota’. It is a transmitter, which connects along with a tiny, small antenna above a battery, and it charges over-the-air. The company revealed Forever Battery at the CES,which can easily be used to charge batteries,specially the AA batteries up to 30 feet distance. The company is expecting to get partnership with the smartphone makers to incorporate the technology in smartphone batteries.

Vizux Blade Enterprise AR Glasses

The Augmented Reality (AR) is ready to hover a significant influence on the business. Within asmall span of time, when the companieswill startinvesting in technology, they will have the chance to incorporate AR into their workflows.

Whereas, Google hasintroducedGoogle Glass Enterprise, which is a product that restructuresthe manufacturing procedures, allowingeasy communication between their members as well.Vizux is the most recent company which has launched the AR glasses that is expected to have an amazing impact on business. The Blade Enterprise glasses, recently won the International CES Revolution 2018 Awards. The glasses contain a completely integrated Alexa VA (Voice assistant), so that they can be usedcompletely hands-free. Whereas these glasses haven’treleased in the full-scale. Although businesses can have adeveloper kit as a back-up for $495.00.

HP Pavilion Wave laptop

HP has integrated Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa in theirnew laptops, and has included Intel audio processors to boost the devices’ listening skills. The integration of the Alexa assistant in the laptop is just one sample of the company creativity to transfer its voice assistant (VO) in many more third-party devices.

The Google Jamboard

Whiteboards have always been an important aspectfor businesses all over the tech industry. It illustratesthe points with a marker is a great way to visualize problems and work through solutions. Google has announced a digital version of the idea in Jamboard, which provides itusers as ease to write, erase, and easily moveor draw from different locations. Users can also video chat using Jamboard and work together on the projects at the same time; as it is fully combined with G-Suite, theusers can collect information from Docs, Excel Sheets, or Power point Slides easily,and can add them to the Jamboard. Furthermore, Jamboard also saves the work spontaneously and could be shared with the team members promptly.

IoTturns in toBIoT

One of the majormistakes, which most predictorscan commit, is underestimating the capability of fast and rapid growth of hyper and inter-connected world. The Automobiles took a lot of time grasping the newer technology, as the would-be drivers had to wait for building the supporting infrastructure: roads and gas stations.

As of today, thedisrupting innovations and techniques rely on the present infrastructure for mobile devices,which position companies just a few clicks away from millions of the consumers. Internet of things (IoT), is also one of those innovations that includesinculcating smart sensors to the connected devices,in order to help users do the things like, asking Amazon’s Alexa—digital assistant to turn off the lights.

Apart from that, blockchainis yet another underlying technology for exciting cryptocurrency bitcoin, which can make the IoT devices more useful. It also creates a digital record of hundreds and thousands of the computers, massively reducing the hacking risk.

Connecting IoT with the blockchain or BIoT, accompanies in anentire host of first-hand services and businesses. For instance, BIoT can be used to followthe shipments of pharmaceutical companies; italso create smart cities where connected heating systems monitor energy use and the connected traffic lights manage the rush hours.



This year, the companies would start to use the Application Programming Interfaces and web design, or also the software that are used specially to connect the different databases and computer services. When business channels like manufacturers, retailers, regulators, and the transportation companies have actual and real data from sensors implanted on products, trucks and ships, and everything in between the whole supply chain network can get the advantage from insights whichwere unable to access before.

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