How to Make Your Everyday Look More Alternative


Do you ever read fashion magazines or blogs? Do you get chills every time you read that something is a must-have? This doesn’t mean you are not a person of style, only that you don’t worship everything someone proclaimed to be a trend. Apparently, in 2018, the must-haves are Americana designs, transparent fabrics, anorak jackets, haute-style denim and saturated hues. However, you need to remember that if you refuse to wear them, you are not a weirdo, and if you choose to wear them in a different way than the one recommended in this issue of Vogue, go ahead. Going all out with alternative style is not an option, especially if you need to wear a business-appropriate outfit. So, here’s how to add an edge to your look, without going over the edge.

Wear a killer pair of shoes

When you are in a situation where you have to be dressed sharp or appropriate for the occasion, you can’t exactly show up in a mini velvet dress, choker necklace and a fedora hat. However, you can go with a simple look and give it the edge you are looking for with a killer pair of shoes. Those can be combat boots, laced boots or platform shoes.

In-your-face T-shirts

A pair of skinny jeans, a cotton t-shirt, a blazer and a pair of stilettos? Sounds bland enough for you? Well, if that top has some sort of “bad girl” or “anti-social” message, you are making the combination more alternative.

Say it with jewelry

Sometimes a single piece of jewelry has the ability to transform your outfit into something completely different and wild. Consider a combination such as a black pencil skirt, a white blouse and a black choker necklace. The necklace isn’t pushing the outfit over the edge of work-appropriate style, but it still says that you are not like everyone else. Leather bracelets, oversized rings, and other more alternative pieces are also great.

Choose one over-the-top piece

Did you know that there are ways to introduce fantastic gothic costumes into your everyday style without looking too “crazy”? Of course there are. You just need to combine them with dull pieces with minimum or no personality at all. For example, shredded tights, a body-embracing skirt and a light blouse would go great together.

Nail it!

When you don’t have the freedom to fully decide about your outfit, because your work doesn’t allow casual attire or you have to go to a formal event, you can subtly sneak in the alternative style with your nail design. Consider metallic shades such as silver or an imaginative black and white combination.

Turn your hair into a statement

Here’s one way to always wear your alternative style. Choose a bold and unique hairstyle, but stick to the one you can pull off. If you can’t picture yourself with a shaved head, try something more subtle, such as dyeing your hair red or cutting it asymmetrically.

Make it with makeup

One pair of smoky eyes to-go? Of course. Three things you should always have in your purse are a smoky eye palette, black mascara and black eyeliner.


Finally, the best way to add that unique twist to your look is to choose bold accessories. Besides the edgy jewelry, you can wear fedora hats, bowler hats, Madrid-style hats, statement leather purses, rock star sunglasses (aviators or wayfarers).

The point is that there are no rules in alternative style. You can wear whatever you feel is right because your style should reflect who you are. So feel free to experiment with different approaches and don’t let rules and must-haves define you. While many people have the right to say what is mainstream, no one can truly point a finger to what’s alternative.

Peter  is a lifestyle writer for Voice Boks and Joyful Source magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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